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MangaHeadOP posted on Aug 12, 2012 at 07:55PM
You can post here, of who you think will join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Well my f opinion is Jimbei cz he seems like he is gonna join them.
My second opinion is that i think Trafalgar Law might make an alliance with the Straw Hats cz, after the war he revied luffy at his time of need and he just doesnt seem like an enemy.

Why don't ya'll tell me what ya'll think?

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
I think you need to change the title to 'New World Nakama' without the 's', because Nakama is already able to be used as plural and singular. Anyway, personally, I don't think anyone else will join, as they already have all of the positions filled, that Luffy needs. They have a Navigator, sniper/sharpshooter, chef, musician, swordsman/first mate, doctor, shipwright and Robin, who is probably the brains of the Strawhat crew. Although, they don't quite have the ten, yet, so maybe they will recruit two more, but I don't think it will be Jimbei, because would more likely form his own crew, since he was a Shichibukai before the Whitebeard War.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…

So, the answer to this is pretty straightforward. Oda said that the last member of the Strawhat Pirates would become obvious by the end of the Fishman Island arc, and it has: Jinbe was invited to join them. He didn't immediately accept, stating that he had other things to do (which, if you've caught up on the manga and seen all the front pages, basically involves cleaning up the mess on the island by taking out a particularly aggressive Logia user by the name Caribou, at least as a first step). Trafalgar Law did make an alliance with the Strawhat Pirates, mainly on the basis of uniting against an as yet unnamed Yonkou. Since Luffy wouldn't be interested in fighting Shanks and he hasn't met Kaido, it's likely either Blackbeard or Big Mom, and since his reaction to the alliance didn't showcase any anger, probably the latter of those two.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना tieno1 said…

I think no person we don't know already will join the staw hat crew. The only person I can think of are Jimbei or vivi. (They have shown vivi twice in a pretty short period of time so I think she might come back :S)
Why do I think no new person like Rebecca or anyone else will join?
Well this is because I think in the new world luffy won't be getting new crew members but will be creating a massive alliance.
Crews who would most likely join the Alliance:

Currently in the alliance
- Law
- Straw hat

Crew's who I think will join:
- The army of chinjao ( After luffy restored his head he said his sons army was under luffy's command.)
- Bartelomeo ( He loves luffy :D )
- Boahancock (Kuja pirates) (Hancock said they would help him whenever they needed)

He will need the big alliance to fight the world goverment in the end. It will probably be a big fight like at marinefort.
Also like many people say he already has every kind of member he needs in the crew.

And just adding random members would kinda ruïn the idea of the crew.
So I think oda will be creating a big alliance for luffy in the new world :D

Tell me if you agree or disagree or want to add any changes in my theory.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yezzy said…
I hope the strawhats get two are or three more crew members, knowing that the the straw hats gained 4 new members in the the first half of the grandline they should get a new crew member, I'm thinking their job would be either a fighter or a chemist
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना silverexorcist said…
So months have passed and new chapters have been released, giving way to new theories. I guess it's my turn, then.


I'll start off by crossing Kin'emon off the list of potential candidates. He's awesome and all, but I don't see him joining the crew. He's just like Vivi in Alabasta; he's just traveling with the crew as long as their destinations and intention lineup, i.e. rescuing Kanjuro. Clearly, we're going to see more when they go to the next island and my opinion on this may change, but I don't see them getting another Japanese-style swordsman in their crew.

The potential candidates I see right now are: Jinbei, Rebecca, Kyros, and Bartholomeo. At the moment, Jinbei is absent, so I'll have to set him aside and see what Oda plans to do there (no doubt, it'll be something more interesting than him randomly catching up with the crew and joining). The one I consider to be the least likely is Kyros. While I'm sure he'll get his human body back soon enough, I don't see him wanting to leave Dressrossa after everything's over. He'll want to stay behind to deal with the 'chaos' he described along with King Riku. As for a Bartholomeo; though he's a very likely candidate, I kind of don't want to see him join. I'm hoping that he kind of become a branch member, leading his crew under the Straw Hat flag. I figured this might happen after Chinjiao decided to leave the Happou Navy in Luffy's hands as well.

Rebecca is currently my number one top pick. My reasoning is actually very simple. The crew NEEDS its female knight/gladiator. I've been thinking since Fishman Island that it was weird how all three main fighters were male while the only two girls were not combat focused and fairly week in physical combat. I mean, I have nothing against them, but seeing that odd discrepancy kind of bothers me. Just like Jinbei would be the all-important water Pokemon to the Straw Hats, Rebecca would be the all-important Xena that we didn't know we've always wanted. Granted, her personality is a little weak for my tastes, but that goes for the entire crew, honestly. I give her my full support.

On the other hand, I'm keep an eye on the revolutionaries and CP0, and not just because I see something interesting coming up there. Koala and Hack may tie back into the absent Jinbei, which would be nice to see.
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