Just a warning, this लेख DOES contain spoilers, so unless you're okay with that या fully caught up, then steer clear of this article.

Four years पूर्व I wrote an लेख titled: "Parents Anonymous - Who Are They???". Link: link
(Although it isn't necessary to read it as I will be talking about everything it says in this article).

In this लेख I go though all of the Straw Hats and gave a few theories for some of them as to who I thought their families were, and pointed out the fact that for most of the Straw Hats, we don't actually know their biological families at all.

On this लेख I received a टिप्पणी दे saying that what I was talking about wasn't important to the plot and would likely be boring to learn (I'm not saying this to be mean to that commenter, but just to make a point). However, with हाल का developments in the past of a particular character which is actually incredibly important to the plot and extremely interesting, I thought it would be a good idea to rehash this topic and reform my theories.

So here we go, Parents Anonymous take 2.

While Luffy's past has been the most fleshed out of all of the Straw Hats, there are still quite a few things we don't know. The most notable of which being: Who is Luffy's mother? and Why did Dragon abandon his son?

Considering the fact that Luffy has a very unique (i.e. childish) appearance and looks nothing like his father या Grandfather I would hazard to guess that he likely resembles his mother. Since we haven't met a woman who looks like Luffy, I don't think, I don't think that we have met his mother yet.

Now for my theroy: I don't think that we will. I think that Luffy's mother is dead. I think that the reason why Dragon chose to abandon Luffy and leave him to be raised द्वारा his father is entirely because of this. I believe that the Goverment is at fault for the death of Luffy's mother. But whether she died द्वारा their hands as a result of her significant other's affiliation with the revolutionary army, या whether he became a revolutionary after (and because of) her death I don't know.

After her death Dragon likely gave his son to his father, deeming his own life too dangerous and busy to raise a child in (poor Garp, everyone just thrusting their children on him. First Gol D. Roger, now his son...). Dragon clearly feels guilty for abandoning his own son as he never talks about him and whenever Luffy is brought up he changes the subject.

We also don't know who Luffy's Grandmother (and Dragon's mother) is, although I'm much और interested to learn about Luffy's mother and to finally see Luffy and Dragon meet. Dragon has finally (sort of) acknowledged that Luffy is his son, and Luffy has now seen his father's चित्र for the first time. I found it funny that Luffy's first reaction was: "This is my dad?? He looks nothing like me!" which is what brought me to the conclusion that Luffy must look like his mother.

I know that this isn't really in order, but I felt that Sanji was the most important Straw Hat to really talk about in this लेख considering हाल का plot developments, so why leave him for 5th? Just another warning, this is where the major spoilers start, so if आप aren't up-to-date (meaning chapter 825 या above) then be aware that there are spoilers here.

The first hints at Sanji's past (at least recently) came after the Dressrosa arc when the new bounties came out. Sanji's new wanted poster had an actual picture of him (albiet unflattering), while up until this point it has been an entirely unrecognizable sketch.

After this चित्र was revealed, the words under it changed from 'Wanted Dead या Alive' to 'Wanted Alive Only'. Whoa. When I saw that I seriously started freaking out. That meant that once his picture was revealed someone recognized him. Someone who wants him alive.

Back four years पूर्व when I made my original article, I presented many theories about Zoro and Sanji's pasts as I found them very similar. For both Zoro and Sanji, we know who raised them starting at about the age of 7, people who made them who they are today. Zoro was raised द्वारा the owner of a Dojo for sword-fighting, Zoro is now an excellent swordsman. Sanji was raised द्वारा a Chef pirate, he is now an excellent chef (and a pirate).

However, we don't know who raised them before that या who their biological families are. I'll talk और about Zoro in the अगला section, right now I'll focus on Sanji. In my other लेख I present many different theories as to what may have happened. Maybe his parents died, maybe Sanji ran away, maybe they were cooks on the ship he was on and they died, maybe they were cooks on the ship and they lived, maybe they put him on that ship and he just never returned and they thought him dead.

The Straw Hats met Sanji in the East Blue, on the restaurant ship Baratie, having been raised द्वारा the pirate who sunk the cook ship he was on. First of all, why was a seven साल old boy working on a ship in the first place? Were his parents there? Had they died? Did he run away? सेकंड of all, at least from the age of 7, Sanji was raised in the East Blue. However, early in the Skypeia arc Sanji claims that he was actually born in the NORTH blue.

In my लेख from FOUR YEARS पूर्व I point out just how ridiculous this seemingly simple and meaningless fact actually is: "How??? How did he, a 7 साल old boy, manage to get across the Redline?" and just recently in chapter 813, Nami brings up this exact time and Brook replies, "Wait a second! That's actually a huge deal Nami-san! To go from North Blue to East Blue, one MUST पार करना, क्रॉस the Redline!" I'm really glad that the absurdity of that statement of Sanji's is finally being addressed.

As it turns out, Sanji's family is actually a family of ASSASSINS named Vinsmoke. So Sanji's full name is Vinsmoke Sanji. He has two older brothers, one of which I believe is shown at the very end of chapter 825. He looks EXACTLY like Sanji, except that the single eyebrow that is दिखाना curls the wrong way for the eye that is shown for it to be Sanji.

With this in mind, I have a new theory: Sanji is the youngest son in a family of assassins and he doesn't want to शामिल होइए the family business. He really wants to be a cook, but his family insists that he be an assassin like the rest of them. Feeling ostracized द्वारा his parents (especially his father) and two older brothers who are very pro the life-style, Sanji runs away. I gets on a ship and begins his journey to becoming a chef.

However, being assassins, his family is soon hot on his trail to finding him. Little Sanji realizes that his family won't give up and he needs to go somewhere they won't think to follow him: another quarter of the world entirely. So he finds some means of travelling across the Redline and ends up in the East Blue. He convinces a ship to let him on as an assistant cook and that's when he meets Red-Leg Zeff.

So when the picture of Sanji was finally revealed, his family recognized him and now wants their runaway son back.

As I stated above, Zoro and Sanji have very similar holes in their pasts. We know who raised Zoro for most of his life, but we don't know who his biological family is या why he showed up to challenge a dojo while having never held a sword before in his life.

The theory I came up with four years पूर्व was as follows: "Zoro's parents were talented swordsmen, and they always told him to be like them one day. But then, one दिन they were killed. After this, Zoro ran away. Wanting to make his deceased parents proud, he decided to find a dojo and challenge it. Though he had never used a sword before (being too young) he challenged the dojo and lost. Then, he wanted to get better. Both to make his parents proud, and to defeat the girl who beat him."

I still stand द्वारा this theory as there has been no further evidence for Zoro's past. Although, when Sanji's secret past was revealed, Zoro was the only one to say "leave it alone, let him handle his problems". While this may just be because 1. Zoro doesn't like Sanji very much, 2. he respects Sanji's strength enough that he thinks he can handle his own problems, and 3. Zoro is the most mature of the Straw Hats, I think that this may mean something else. MAybe I'm inferring a little too much here, but maybe the reason why Zoro thinks Sanji should handle his own problems from his past is because Zoro too has a secret past that may one दिन come back to haunt him as well.

Everyone knows who Nami's family is, right? Bellemere is Nami's mother and Nojiko is Nami's sister, right? Well, no. I know this is a long way back in the series to remember, but Nojiko, Bellemere and Nami aren't related AT ALL.

Bellemere was a marine who was helping to evacuate a town that had been raided and set aflame द्वारा pirates. There she found little Nojiko holding Nami. When Bellemere asked Nojiko if the baby in her arms was her sister, she कहा no, she had just found her there.

My theory from four years पूर्व (which I still hold firm to, for the most part) stated that I believe that Nojiko is the child of a couple in the town that had been raided, but Nami is not. I believe that Nojiko's parents tols her to run and try to live, even if they didn't, and while she was running she found a crying baby (Nami).

I believe that this baby was not a child of someone in the town, but rather the child of someone in the pirate crew who had raided the town (possibly the Navigator). Maybe they couldn't keep the baby, maybe they didn't want to, maybe they just forgot her there. Either way, I think that Nami has some criminal blood in her, not to mention that she is the most talented navigator in One Piece. That has to come from SOMEWHERE.

Now, I would write about the rest of the Straw Hats (as I did in my last article), but the other 5 are not nearly as interesting as these four. The rest are either mostly fleshed out या we know so little about their pasts that it's impossible to come up with a logical theory based in actual facts rather than pure speculation. Although I may write another लेख containing them, this one is already far too long as it is with just these four.

If आप liked this article, then please टिप्पणी दे below, and let me know what आप think of my theories!!