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 Zayn Malik , ITV Studios 2012
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Source: Zayn Malik , ITV Studios 2012
Zayn Malik , ITV Studios 2012
ज़ैन मलिक
itv studios 2012
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This वन डायरेक्शन चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

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u know that i luv one direction
cuz they r so damn osm
liam is our daddy directioner
Toy story is all abt he cares
and Zayn is breaking the tables
also collecting a no. Of mirrors
Louis is the funniest of all
playing wid kevin all दिन long
Harry has curly hair
luving the way the बिल्ली stare
Niall is always eating food
and he's always in a gud mood
ELeanor,Percie and Danielle r their girlfrinds

they r five in the band
Simon cowell put them together
N Harry named the ONE DIRECTION
Niall is not ugly
Liam is not boring
so wat if Zayn is a Muslim!
Louis is not rude
Harry isn't proud...
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My name is Bella, I live in Denver, CO and Im 17. I like to play guitar,eat and most of all listen to my fave band [b]One Direction[b] :)

Today my dad is taking me to a संगीत store to buy me a new electric guitar. I'm so excited. We grab a couple of कैन्डी bars and hop into the car. I turn on my favr radio station 107.1 Hitz Now, and they were playing Best Song Ever द्वारा 1D. I turn it up and start गाना at the चोटी, शीर्ष of my lungs and dancing in my seat. My dad looks at me like I'm crazy. We drive into the parking lot for "6 Stringz". I get out of the car and race to the door.

We go inside anf its...
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