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 1D xx <3
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#Imagine: आप are sad. आप havent seen harry for 2 months. cause of touring and such. he called आप saying he was hopping on the plane heading back to the U.K. आप smile and hang up. the अगला दिन आप get ready and get all beutiful. Eleanor and Danniel waiting to. आप guys were watching T.V whne breaking news appear. आप guys read. आप drop the soda on the floor. आप collpase. hearing the plane crashed. luckily some people lived. आप and elanor and dannil. drove to the air-port. some प्रशंसकों crying and waiting to see the 5 beutiful lads walk out. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis walked out runnig to their...
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Source: Harry styles Ed Sheeran at बोआ Restaurant 2012
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Source: Niall Horan,Times Style Magazine - Sep 2012
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To 1d प्रशंसकों ASK और सवालों !!!!!

Just to get your mind flowing I thought of a few ideas :

1. Who is the youngest member of one direction?
2. What is Harrys favourite colour ?
3.Who was Liams first girlfriend ?
And many और सवालों to ask so please do

Hope u have had a nice दिन या r going to txt u later

Plus if u can answering them would be nice

द्वारा the way I have no idea the answer to all the सवालों I just asked but a least I asked

P.S. Please visit my प्रशंसक site. :-D
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Source: Harry styles ,'Take Me Home' 2012.
Zayn Jawaad Malik is Zayn's full name. Zayn is currently 19 Years old but he will turn twenty on january 12. His hometown is Bradford, England. Zayn is 15 of the band called one direction, as आप probably know. Zayn is about 5' 9". Zayn is Pakistani and British, so do not mistake him to be Mexican, because he is not. Zayn is probably the most "mysterious" out of the group, and in some ways he is in fact the "bad boy" of the group because he has lots of टैटू and his ears are pierced. But really, zayn is kind of a softie. He is also quite serious, but he can have a laugh at times too. Zayn...
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Source: I did not make these all credit goes to the makers of theses
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Source: Harry Styles ,Photoshoots 2012
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Source: Harry styles Ed Sheeran at बोआ Restaurant 2012
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Source: One Direction' photoshoots for आप Magazine.
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