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 Liam&Zayn sleeping
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"Thank आप all so much for being so supportive through this tour!" Harry yells out into the screaming crowd for girls.

"You all are amazing!" Nialll laughs.

"See आप all अगला year!" I yell, waving widely, following my mates backstage where our own clothes are waiting.

"I can't believe it's over." Niall shakes his head.

"It's not all over, Lad." Louis laughs.

"No, I meant the tour." He rolls his eyes and pulls a granola bar out of his back pocket. That will hold him over until we get back to our dressing rooms where he will eat a bag of crisps. And then that will hold him over until we ca stop for...
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X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson, 24, 'dating One Direction teenager Zayn Malik'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:09 PM on 20th March 2011

X Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson Is dating One Direction's Zayn Malik, it has been claimed.
The 24-year-old mother-of-two is कहा to have grown close to Zayn, 18, during the X Factor tour.
However, bosses are apparently keen to keep the new relationship a secret for now, for fear that it could harm one या both of their careers.
Dating? Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction's Zayn Malik have apparently grown close during the X Factor tour

A स्रोत told the News...
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Official संगीत video VEVO Courtesy of Columbia Records © 2013
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midnight memories
संगीत video
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