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I run back to my house, clumsily opening the door. "Ava?" I call sadly, tears spilling down my cheeks. I see the गुलाब sitting on a counter. I go to throw them out but then I pause. This is inspiration for a song. I choke back a sob and sit at the piano, playing with a few notes.

I was stupid enough to think आप really cared

So लॉस्ट in your eyes, I लॉस्ट my common sense

When आप दिखाना who आप really are

My scars that have healed

Just come back even और painful

I can't stand it anymore

Standing alone in a corner

Just a girl and her feelings hurt

I can't understand why आप ever hurt me

Lead me on, just so आप could beat me?

Well I hope आप stay gone

Cause nothing is gonna fix my heart

This time

I sigh as a tear drop lands on the notebook. My phone rings. I don't look at the caller ID when I pick it up.

"Isabelle, it's Louis. Don't hang up!"
"What do आप want?"
"Avery isn't dating me. She's my ex-girlfriend."
"Louis, I wish I could believe you."
"Why can't you?"
"Because of how आप reacted!"
"You hurt me so much it isn't funny!"
"Belle, I didn't even do anything! She's a liar!"
"She kissed you..."
"It didn't mean anything!"
"...It didn't?"
"No! Never! I want to किस you, not her!"
"Louis, I'm scared to trust you."
"Believe me. I don't want Avery. I want you."
"Please. Be my girlfriend."
"I don't know!"
"Alright fine."
"Good. Now let me in your house please."
"Bye Louis."

I go to the door and sure enough he's standing there. "Isabelle..." he whispers, hugging me. I bury my face in his shirt. I definately over-reacted. But now... I was dating Louis Tomlinson! Wait until I told Ava! She would flip!
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