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आप were in your hotel room but suddenly आप heard somebody knocking on your door ,so when आप went and open it आप found that it was your ex boyfriend so आप told him that it's over and asked him to get out but then he start attacking आप ,so आप tried to escape but आप couldn't then suddenly somebody came and rescued आप but unfortunately आप had fainted when wake up आप fond that it was zayn playing in your hair so आप asked him how did he come here?
so he told आप that the door was open ,then आप तारा, स्टार talking and at the night he asked आप if he could sleep here in your room cos he is afraid that this guy come again so आप agreed ,then he asked आप if he could sleep on the sofa या just the floor ,so आप कहा "no i want आप in my hug " so आप start चुंबन in the sexiest way ever , then आप told him that he's damn sexy in this clothes so he कहा that he can't wait to see आप naked but then he कहा that he was just kidding so आप told him that it 's ok ,then आप turned the light off and आप spent your night with zayn in the in the same बिस्तर under the same cover....to be continued
"Belle, wake up." I swat at my sister with my hands. "Isabelle Jenkins, get up right now!" I open my eyes and yawn. "What is it, Ava?" I ask grumpily. "You have a very special British singer downstairs waiting for you. I suggest आप get up and go meet him." I fly out of bed. "Tell him I'll be 10 minutes!" She giggles and heads down the stairs.

I whip open my dresser. Not a large variety. Mostly skinny jeans, T-shirts, and a few tank tops.
I pick out a pair of black skinny jeans and an old Rolling Stones T-shirt. I look at my hair, it's frizzy and a disaster! I quickly put it into a messy bun...
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Zayn's POV
The perfect girl, a.k.a Olivia Connelly, told me to eat रात का खाना with her. I joined her since i'm already hungry because of swimming. I thank Marchelo for bringing me clothes.
It's still 7:30 p.m. Via is busy washing the dishes. I can't help but think that we look like a married couple because we live in one roof, but I know this is just temporary. I went to the रसोई, रसोईघर i talk to her while she's washing the dishes.
Zayn: i can help you.
Via: (washing the dishes) No. I can do this myself.
Zayn: Are आप sure?
Via: Yeah. (cracks a smile that only heaven can make and continues to do her work)...
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Kiara's POV**

It was the end of a long दिन and i was waiting for my mom to pick me up. Why was she always late. i was the only one left at school द्वारा now school ended an घंटा and a half ago. My mom doesnt प्यार me. she doesnt care if she totally humiliates me द्वारा making me walk घर and leaving me places forever.

Saxon's POV**

I told my mom i would call her when Kiara left so that she could pick me up. i just didn't want to leave her at school all alone. i walk around the corner and see her sitting down. she is so perfect. the way her braids fall and the way she doesn't try to impress people. if...
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~ Last दिन of school ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    I just couldn’t wait for school to end . I could be with Niall all summer long . Just him and I . After this घंटी, बेल rings I will be free . The only sad thing about this was that बैंगनी, वायलेट will be leaving on August 31 . She will be back on क्रिस्मस for about 2 weeks though . She is like my sister , that I प्यार very much . Hopefully we can Skype , text , या call each other once in a while . I hope that September , October , and November go द्वारा fast so I would get to see her .
    Finally the school घंटी, बेल rang...
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Jaylie's POV

I beat on his door with all my strength, begging him to let me explain. I stayed out there for hours, crying my eyes out. Mom and dad eventually came घर and saw me laying in front of Zayn's door. Dad picked me up and carried me in and set me on the couch. It took me a few moments but I finally found the strength to tell them what happened. They had a long talk with Riley and told him never to talk about what he saw ever again. I wasn't mad at Riley. He's too little to understand. I really wasn't mad at anybody या anything. Just upset in general. Zayn had to let me explain. I couldn't...
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Zayn's POV

I just stared at the man in the door way. I had no idea who he was.
        "Who the hell are you?" I asked him.
        "Who the hell are YOU?" he shot back. So rude. And I didn't even know him.
        Jaylie jumped off the सोफ़ा, सोफे with a horrified look on her face. 
        "Dad! What are आप doing here?" she said. Dad? Oh shit. But she कहा her parents were heavy sleepers! I guess not. She just कहा that to get to spend और time with me. I felt glad that she wanted me around but then I felt mad because now she might never get to spend anymore time with me. 
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i deleted my other लेख Gotta be आप because i have to be honest i didn't like it after i read it over so i'm gonna start a new one hope आप enjoy it!
i loved my sleep.i was fast asleep in my nice warm बिस्तर until i heard "IT'S TIME TO GET TIME TO GET TIME TO GET GET UP" i hit my brother,Liam,on the leg with a pillow.with that he fell down onto my bed.he then कहा "good morning sleepy head get your butt up आप gotta go to college plus today your gonna meet the guys!" today i was gonna meet his friends.i've never heard of there band even though one of the members...
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One Direction - Night Changes (Behind The Scenes Part 5)
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Niall's POV:

I stare at the floor and Liam puts his hand on my shoulder. "She's going to be fine Nialler..." he says. I look at him and stand up. "How do you..."
A door opens, and I see the nurse we hired come out. I sprint over to her. "What happened to Skylar?"
"It was a simple panic attack, due to stress." she answered.
"Do we need to do anything for her?" Louis asked. The nurse nodded. "Don't bring up any stressful topics."

I leave the group to see her. She is sitting up in बिस्तर and smiles softly at me. "Hi Niall." I smile stupidly and sit अगला to her. "Hey Sky." Skylar took my hand in her...
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posted by aanikamerchant
Chap 5:At aaliya's house. ~~~~~~~~

Gianan'sPOV: something happened that zee and zayn were hiding from me . They were laughing when I went closer to them. I told zee to go and change. He came out without pants. 
Zayn: buddy where are आप pants 
Zee: I don't know to put the button 
Giana: come her I vl do it for u 
Zayn: no I vl do it. 
After that zayn and zee talked about something and they were laughing. 
Zee: so gf no किस today 
Giana: want one 
Zee: Bt this time आप vl have to किस my frnd evn 
Giana: wat 
Zee: yeah 
Giana: ok 
I kssied zee's cheek and then zayns . When I was about to kiss...
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"Ruby please...." I begged leaning on her closed, lock door.
"Is Harry out there?" She asked. She has been locked up in her room for days and only comes out late at night to get खाना and drinks.
"No.." She cracked the door open a little and looked up and down the hallway.
"Come in..." I walked in and she shut the door locking it.
"Harry is really worried about you." I sat down on her bed. She sighed and sat द्वारा me, "Niall, he won't let me see Joe! I प्यार Joe and.... he loves Aria, he would feel the same way as me if I was the oldest and doing this to him..." She flew back on her बिस्तर and covered...
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