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आप were in your hotel room but suddenly आप heard somebody knocking on your door ,so when आप went and open it आप found that it was your ex boyfriend so आप told him that it's over and asked him to get out but then he start attacking आप ,so आप tried to escape but आप couldn't then suddenly somebody came and rescued आप but unfortunately आप had fainted when wake up आप fond that it was zayn playing in your hair so आप asked him how did he come here?
so he told आप that the door was open ,then आप तारा, स्टार talking and at the night he asked आप if he could sleep here in your room cos he is afraid that this guy come again so आप agreed ,then he asked आप if he could sleep on the sofa या just the floor ,so आप कहा "no i want आप in my hug " so आप start चुंबन in the sexiest way ever , then आप told him that he's damn sexy in this clothes so he कहा that he can't wait to see आप naked but then he कहा that he was just kidding so आप told him that it 's ok ,then आप turned the light off and आप spent your night with zayn in the in the same बिस्तर under the same cover....to be continued
"Hey,What's the room number?Is she alright?"Courtney asked me through the phone,She sounded very worried.
"Um yea,She's alright."
I had told her Anna pasted out...which was a lie..
I looked to see,that Mr.Tom was लेखन again as he laid in his bed.
"Who's that?"he wrote in pencil.
I didn't answer him,I just continued talking.
"The room numbers 106."
"okay,that right there."
Shortly after she appeared and opened the door.She froze,losing every expression in her mind.She looked absolutely thoughtless.She just stared at me and balled her fist,as tears ran down her face ruining her makeup.Suddenly all...
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Chapter 7-Raven's P.O.V.
I hope I'm doing this right, Raven thought as she was चुंबन Niall. She never kissed a guy, and she was embarassed at that thought. But at the same time, she was glad that Niall was her first.
Raven peeped one eye open to see Niall shocked but then starting to blush. Raven the felt two muscular arms got around her tiny waist. She felt them squeeze her hips and she gasped. Raven felt Niall chuckle in her mouth and snake his tongue in her mouth. They both smiled under the kiss. This is awesome, Raven thought.
Then she noticed that Niall was running out of air. She finally...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Madison's P.O.V

I was with nick talking in the park when ruby and Harry are at the bench. She is distracting him for me which is really nice. We were walking when it was already 10:32pm. I कहा bye to nick and I gave him my number he gave me his and I went inside. When I did I bumped एक प्रकार का जहाज़ into Harry I fell right on चोटी, शीर्ष of him I quickly got up and saw the number on the floor. I ran over but Harry beat me to it. He opened it but I smacked it out of his hand before he could glance at it and ran upstairs. Harry followed behind but I didn't notice. I closed the door and saw Harry behind. I turned...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Aria POV:

I woke up and Nick was lying with me. I smiled and sat up.
"And this is going on twitter!"
"Joe!" I yelled chasing him. He ran द्वारा the pool and tripped, diving into the pool. I fell to the ground laughing.
"Where's my phone?!" He yelled coming up from the water. I stood up from the warm bumpy cement I looked over my shoulder and saw it on the ground. I picked it up and Joe chased me. I stopped द्वारा a pond. I stuck the phone out over the water.
"Delete the picture and आप can have it back!" I said.
"Deal!" I deleted the pictures and was about to give him his phone back.
"Nope!" I pushed...
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Via's POV
Via: Dinner?
Zayn: Nah. I'm still full.

I heard his phone ringing and he answered it. The loudspeaker is on so I can hear the conversation.

:Phone Conversation:
Zayn: Hello, Harry.

Harry's calling him. I hope he'll not tell Harry where I am या else I will be moving to another place again.

Harry: Bro, are आप at London?
Zayn: (glances at me)

I gave him the don't-tell-him-where-i-am-or-i'm-going-to-kill-you look.

Zayn: (continues talking to Harry on the phone) Yeah. I'm already in London. You're still at Los Angeles?
Harry: Yeah. But in the अगला three days we will be going home.
Zayn: Okay.
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Via's POV
I was watching 'Eat, Pray, Love' right now since I didn't finish the movie yesterday because of the arrival of my new neighbor MALIK. I'm eating chips right now. I paused the movie because the doorbell rang. I went near the window first to check if it's Zayn या not. When I checked at the window who it is, it's not Zayn so I'm relieved. I got out of the house and saw a French man standing द्वारा my gate. Sorry I didn't दिखाना आप the gate of my house earlier. I greeted the man.
Me: Bonjour, sir! How may I help you?
Man: My name is Marchelo. Sir Zayn's driver.

Oh Fab and this man have the same...
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Via's POV
After thirty मिनटों of driving, at last I reached my house. I drive slow because I always look at the side mirrors या the mirror in front of the driver's seat. आप know why? Maybe because I'm afraid if someone followed me या maybe.. Zayn saw me and follows me. Well, good thing someone didn't. I parked the car at the गेराज and enters the house. I turned on the lights and heads to the रसोई, रसोईघर to cook my dinner. I admit it was lonely being alone. At home, i always wait for my mom to finish cooking our रात का खाना but now, i was the one cooking dinner, for myself. my रात का खाना was just simple....
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I wasn't surprised when I found my luggage in the lobby. I just grabbed it and started walking to the airport. Too many things were going on in my life. And then I realized it. Being famous wasn't for me. It was too overwhelming.

My phone sings 'Dance With Me Tonight' द्वारा Olly Murs. I glance at the screen. It's Niall. I ignore the call and turn off my phone. I hear snickers as I leave the hotel carrying my stuff. I don't turn around. I don't care. I already know what they're thinking. There goes that slut!

I was never a slut! I was a cheater... and I hated it because I प्यार Niall more...
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posted by DiamondYJ
Tori's POV:

I lazily open my eyes as the hotel door opens. "Tori, are आप up?" whispers a voice. The delicious aroma of Thai खाना drifts to my nose. "I'm up, Nikki." I say, yawning and flipping on a light. "Is that-"

"Pad Thai? Yes. Your प्रिय dish, right?" she asks, setting it on the little तालिका, टेबल in our room. "Yes, thanks a lot!" I grin, opening the container. "So, uh, how was your date?" I ask while, wrapping some noodles up in chop sticks.

"Good. But...I think I'm going to go after Liam." I almost choke on my noodles. "W-what?" I sputter. Nikki smiled at me. "Yeah. I think Niall likes you,...
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~ Leaving the Mall ~
Violet ‘ s P . O . V
    Harry is very sweet and lovable . I was having a wonderful time with him and Zayn . I wonder why Zayn was so quiet , he only smiled a few times . I won’t force him to talk या anything . If he was to stay quiet , why force him to talk . ? Anyway Harry and I were getting very close . When we were all finished shopping we all went back to One Direction ‘ s house . It was so lovely and big . Stephanie and I were both excited but we both hid our emotions . As soon as we walked in Harry dragged me into his room and Stephanie went...
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This is a long one! I think?

Erica's P.O.V
I got up this noting with great hard ship because it was Monday. The start of a new week, which means 5 days of school until the weekend again. Once it was 8:15am Lillian came to my place to pick me up and drive me to school. Lillian likes to be early, a lot. I कहा good-bye to my mum and my brothers and sister. Then got into Lillian's car.
"hi Lil" I कहा while opening the car door.
"hey erica, hurry up we're are going to be late!" she said 
"it's 8:15, school starts at 8:40, it only takes 10minute to get to school. Relax!" I said
"so how did the concert...
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posted by supergirl143
Harry's P.O.V
i soon closed the door as they left.i made my way to the living room where Louis was sitting."you fancy Lizzie don't you" he said."and आप fancy Brittany don't YOU" i कहा mockingly.he just blushed a bright pink."alright i'm going to बिस्तर so आप in the morning,night" i कहा tiredly."G'night" he replied and with that i headed up stairs and fell asleep
Elizabeth's P.O.V
i woke up to the sun beaming in through the window shades.i yawned and stretched.i got up took a शावर, शॉवर brushed my hair and teeth.today i'd be wearing टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला jeans with my off the shoulder cream...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
I wobble out of बिस्तर and managed to make in the रसोई, रसोईघर for breakfast,my dream bothered me,it was like reliving it all again,feeling the pain,it made me miss my mom a bit more
Since she died when I was 4,"I wish I could dream all the time so I could be as close to mom as possible,"...Courtney interrupted my thoughts she was freaking out about this boy band on the news
"The लोकप्रिय boy band One direction will be moving in town soon rumors say they might stay for a long time as long as a year.They will be attending our comunnity college ..."said a news reporter on the tv
"oh my god!!! Anna आप are...
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posted by hannony
"because of you,zayn !!" i कहा while i couldn't let this word go "mmm, sure your not the celebrity ,nobody knows आप "
i had to believe his words but what i knew and the gangster didn't was zayn had his cell phone and he can call the police या call for any help ,

i just talked to him in some secret language we had together,..and he got out his cell in secret
and called the one direction boys :D but before they arrived the gangster decided to kill some one of us
i was so worried that the boys would not reach here before someone is killed .. i insisted on being killed first i can't see zayn...
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posted by hannony
walking in the सड़क, स्ट्रीट while i can't get the note out of my mind but of course i was so happy i could not believe zayn liked my dress and talked to me face to face .. he was so amazing talking to me with this soft sound so paparazzi won't hear him and as i arrived घर i entered रसोई, रसोईघर where mum was sitting having rest of her house works but as usual asaked me what's new,, i was like "nothing ,, just bought a new dress and emy bought some new t-shirts" mum was tired enough to ask for और details .. but then . the phone rang " i will answer mum , hey" " हे , its zayn " he कहा "is it hana...
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