वन्स अपॉन अ टाइम What was your प्रिय scene/part in 'Siege Perilous'? (5x03)

Pick one:
Mary Margaret and David worry about how they will help Emma
Emma breaks Happy's axe trying to free Excalibur
Regina tells Zelena that she can't take the baby away from Robin
Arthur shows David the Round Table, including Lancelot's old chair
Robin shows Hook a चित्र of "inside Zelena" & they share....
David&Arthur bond over their low birth start in life while on the quest in Camelo
David lies about the power of the Doctober Fest cup in order to trick....
Knights rise up out of the water & attack David after he retrieves the toadstool
Hook and Emma's lunch तारीख, दिनांक on the Jolly Roger
David takes the Siege Perilous as Lancelot warns Mary Margaret about Arthur
Arthur reveals to Guinevere that he चुरा लिया the toadstool
Arthur manipulates Griff into giving his life for the future of Camelot
Belle races back to the खरीडिए only to find that Rumple has disappeared
Emma tells Rumple that she will turn him into a hero
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