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वन्स अपॉन अ टाइम Out of the things I think would've made the spin-off Once Upon A Time in Wonderland better, which do आप agree with the most?

7 fans picked:
Making it 22 episodes long instead of just 13
Having at least one episode दिखा रहा है interactions with Alice and Cora
Making Alice an interesting and likable character
Making Alice and Cyrus a और interesting couple with chemistry
Making Cyrus an interesting and और flawed character
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Hiring an actress for Alice who can actually act
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 KataraLover posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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KataraLover picked Making it 22 episodes long instead of just 13:
The Cora one is definitely more minor but the others I think would improve the spin-off SO MUCH! The spin-off is still fantastic but could've been better.
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missdoney picked Having at least one episode दिखा रहा है interactions with Alice and Cora:
+Making 22 episodes then 13.
the other ones i disagree.
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anaswill picked Making it 22 episodes long instead of just 13:
More episodes = more screentime for Anastasia, lol. I am a simple gay.

Next would be Cyrus probably - there’s nothing wrong with being a wise, mage-like character, but he had literally no flaws to his personality. We did see him in 1x10 flashbacks as a brash, arrogant cheat, which I appreciate, but ultimately he changed so much between flashbacks and present day that you can’t even tell who he used to be. I know it’s been 200 years and that it’s natural he’s matured a lot, but my interest in him definitely would have increased if we could still see at least a tiny bit of flashback!Cyrus still in there.

I wasn’t a big fan of Alice - she was probably my least favorite of the core five - although I did appreciate that she was a different sort of main hero than the ones I’m used to seeing on TV. I remember when I first watched OUATIW feeling a weird mixture of “I suppose this is a nice change of pace” and “but gosh she’s annoying me so much.” xD

I had no huge problems with Cylice, I’m rather indifferent towards them. Objectively I do think they go well together but I never really felt them the way I felt Will/Anastasia. I thought Peter and Sophie didn’t have the easy, effortless sort of chemistry that Emma/Michael or even Sophie/Michael did, but I do think they had a sort of chemistry in their own rights. Mostly I appreciated Cylice for the contrast it gave Scarlet Queen.

I didn’t really have problems with Sophie as Alice; I don’t think she’s the strongest actress or has the best range, but in the role of Alice I thought she did fine. I’m sure there are better choices out there but the casting never really bugged me for any of the OUATIW characters.

I would’ve liked to see the Alice/Cora dynamic but since they only had time to use her once, I’m glad they chose the Ana/Cora(+Will) over it, as that interested me more (and contributed more to the plot).
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