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 Season 5
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season 5
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This वन्स अपॉन अ टाइम प्रशंसक कला might contain फव्वारा, सड़क, शहर के दृश्य, शहरी सेटिंग, शहर दृश्य, शहरी की स्थापना, हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, and साइन इन करें.

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OUAT is all about प्यार and so as not to leave any sort of प्यार out they made sure to include basically ever sort of प्यार out there. Weather या not आप like one ship या another आप are sure to find one आप can really sink your teeth into. Here is my personal opinion on all the ships that inhabit the great मरीना that in OUAT.

My OTP's

Mulora / Sleeping Warrior (Aurora & Mulan)

This is my #1 OTP no competition. I've written much और extensive लेखाए explaining my प्यार for them. In summery I've loved them since the start but never imagined they would become cannon. Now that they have I will...
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The Boy Who Ran Away या the story of Bealfire

It all started with a boy that had लॉस्ट his father. This was not uncommon at that time because the country was at war, but he had not लॉस्ट his father in the war as the other boys had. He had लॉस्ट him to a great darkness that had consumed all that was good in his father, all that he had loved. This darkness went द्वारा the name of magic.

The father that had loved him, cared for him, comforted him when his mother had been killed was gone. Magic had killed him या was killing him and replacing him with a cruel man filled with hate that hurt everyone around...
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I am not a lawyer and know no और about law then what I have seen on crime serials and read in old P.I. novels. However because this topic is still an area of much discussion both in our modern culture and और importantly in this fandom I will try to keep my arguments within the confines of the rulebook that our justice system has labored to perfect for so long.

The सवाल is of course "Is killing ever justified". It is a सवाल that raises it's head at least ones in any serious वाद-विवाद started at this club. The act of murder weather it is committed द्वारा one character या another always has...
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Once upon a time- time line
This is to make sense of when things happened in the FairyTaleWorld (FTW) and when they happen in StoryBrooke (SB). I would प्यार suggestions to keep up the time line. BTC: Before the curse, ATC: After the Curse
?BTC: Sleeping Beauty and Malificent have there story/fight
?BTC: Jiminy is forced द्वारा parents to steal from audiences
?BTC: Jiminy gets iconic umbrella from Geppetto (child)
?BTC: Jiminy gives stash of something to Rumple (not captured) and gets potion in return
?BTC: Jiminy turns Geppetto's parents into wooden dolls.
?BTC: Jiminy is turned into a cricket to watch...
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Once Upon a Time 6x08 "I'll Be Your Mirror" - Curses, it's what the Evil क्वीन does best. And अगला Sunday, she will create her most destructive spell yet.
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season 6
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New trailer and cast interviews.
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