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posted by XxLalasaysxX
 Season 4 poster
Season 4 poster
Hello Oncers. This is my first लेख on this spot so let me first introduce myself. I’m Calypso but I go द्वारा Meeka and I bring an opinionated लेख on the season 3 finale and some thoughts for season 4. So let’s not waste anytime shall we?

The Finale

I’m going to break it into little pieces, then do an संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर thought, then an संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर ranking then season 4 theories, THEN some questions.


Even though I wasn’t a huge प्रशंसक of Frozen, I’m actually pumped to see her in OUAT. Knowing Eddy and Adam they always make it good. I, along with many others apparently, think she will be Evil. I only think this because of the way she stormed out of that Barn, the way she took off her gloves, and I’m pretty sure that if I were stuck in a jar for who knows how long I’d be off to terrorize some people too. I do for some reason think that she and Regina will be at each others throats at some point. आप know since they’re both Queens. Elsa might say something like, “Look here everyone I’m the Queen-” And Regina interrupt with, “Sorry miss but the only क्वीन with a well known reputation is me.” And then it’s on. But who knows. She could start brawling with Belle for all I know. (I highly doubt that though). My friend thinks that Elsa may have some beef with Rumple and that he maybe put her in that jar to begin with. And I think that sounds reasonable. Because I do recall Emma saying something to Hook when he was touching the jar, and quote, “Don’t touch anything! If Rumple’s afraid of this stuff there's gotta be a reason.” So maybe Rumple’s afraid of Elsa for some reason? Could be a possibility but who knows.
...And as I read the दीवार posts while पढ़ना this I see that Alchemistlover has the same Rumple theory… Awkward… She added this part too. If Elsa really does want to Kill rumple she added this in the tune of “Do आप wanna build a snowman?” *Giggles* “Do आप wanna kill the dark one?” xD I प्यार that.

Rumple lying about killing Zelena

Seriously Rumple? “I’m going to change for आप Belle-” Man forget you. I’m not going on with this except After this wedding Rumple, आप had better get your shit together. That’s all I’m saying

Outlaw क्वीन destruction

Goddamnit Emma! I do understand that she didn’t want to leave Marian there to die but still like everyone was saying “What आप do in the past can affect the future.” Obviously bringing someone back from the past counts in that saying. I fear that Marian will tell Robin that Regina was going to kill her and that’ll definitely put OQ six feet under. But one thing I want to know is, is Robin just going to Completely ignore what happened almost सेकंड्स just outside of Granny’s? They just kissed, they just told stories about their loved ones. He cannot ignore that can he? If he does I’m going to be so angry at him. But honestly with the whole Emma bringing Marian back thing if I were in the same situation I would’ve done the same thing.

Rumbelle wedding

This was such a cute and touching scene. (Even though I’m still heated at Rumple). I loved it and I also प्यार how during their little speech they showed the other couples. (OutlawQueen, CaptainSwan, and Snowing.) it was all put together so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. I like how subtle it all was, no fancy clothing, no big crowd, just them. It was simply perfect.
This part was what made me get a box of tissues though,
”Sometimes the best teacup, is chipped.” That was so beautiful. (Still mad at Rumple though).

Emma getting her powers back

Totally saw that coming. They were not going to wait until the अगला season to get her powers back. It was predictable in my opinion. It only took her 3 FREAKING SEASONS TO REALIZE WHAT HENRY WAS TELLING HER!!! He wasn’t bringing her to only break the curse but to bring her home. But congrats Emma for getting your magic back, and ruining someone’s life again in the process. When she’s being a hero she’s always in some way being a pain in the glass to someone simultaneously.

Hook giving Emma credit

I प्यार Hook and all but it all seriousness this is what I felt like saying, “Fuck you.” And I’m not going in depth about it that’s all I got to say is “Fuck you.”

Overall thought

Except for bringing in Elsa, this finale was infuriating. They had better make up for all this in Season 4 that’s for sure.
On a scale from 1-10 I give this finale a 6.5
Not just because of the OQ destruction, but also because of how infuriating it was and how Emma was being and finally realized what Henry was doing in bringing her back to Storybrooke, Hook giving Emma credit for defeating Pan and Zelena, and Rumple basically being a coward and going back on his word. And something like zanhar1 said. Regina getting a shitty ending after all she did, but Rumple after what he did getting married. This finale minus the Elsa thing, was like a giant middle finger.

Season 4 theories

I explained much of it in the “Elsa” section.

-Elsa wanting vengeance against Rumple for trapping her in the jar (Possibly for powers as Alchemistlover said)

-Elsa vs. Regina (FirevsIce)

-Maybe Elsa will freeze over Storybrooke?

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for theories. And I’ll just include some questions.

-Who will Elsa be related to? We all know she’s going to be related to someone somehow. But who?

-What will happen to OQ?

-Will Regina go Evil again? (Doubted).

-What will Marian’s fate be? I doubt death because Regina wouldn’t want to do that knowing Robin would probably hate her for it.

-What other new fairy tales will we see?
--Maybe Brave?

-How will Anna be introduced?

-Will there be an Olaf? (I प्यार Olaf <3)

-Does Elsa wanna build a snowman? :P

The struggle for September is definitely going to be hard but we must pull through. I can’t wait for the season 3 bloopers they’re definitely going to be great and funny.

And that concludes this article.Please leave टिप्पणियाँ as your feedback is very appreciated. Until अगला time Oncers, Stay Awesome.
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