"We’re best of फ्रेंड्स now, as I am with almost everyone on the cast. We spend far too much time together."

- Stephen Amell answering the सवाल of how has his relationship with Emily Bett Rickards developed over the years on Larry King.

"Emily came on the दिखाना in the third episode, and Emily was awesome. So she just becomes part of the show. I mean, आप don’t want to stomp all over the canons and sort of the expectations of people that have read the comics their entire lives, but at the same time, we got to make a good show. आप don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, so to speak. If she comes on, and she’s good, then she should stay on the show."

- Stephen Amell.

"Of course ऐरो couldn’t end without some Oliver and Felicity moments to truly bring the entire season full circle. This season featured the first real introduction of “Olicity” in a relationship and it thrived, however the thrill of the chase is often और rewarding. Rickards and Amell continue to soar in the small, intimate moments between their characters.

Their अकल्पनीय chemistry with each other is enough to send प्रशंसकों into a frenzy and that is what happens in this finale. Mimicking the early days of “Olicity,” Oliver and Felicity have a final दिल to heart. After Oliver is named the new Mayor of तारा, स्टार City, he goes back to the ऐरो Bunker alone fully aware he may be the last member of Team Arrow. Enter Felicity to help provide one of the best endings to a finale. Felicity tells Oliver, “You thought I was leaving too? Not a chance.” As the camera zooms out to reveal the duo standing side द्वारा side, ऐरो season four reaches an epic, full वृत्त conclusion."

- Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly.

"Amell and Rickards अभिनय reaches new heights in this scene as it swiftly becomes one of the best ones this season. Whoever wrote Oliver Queen’s wedding vows to Felicity Smoak deserves the highest praise this week. The amount of heart, devotion and utter remorse hidden in the vows is a testament to the incredible लेखन team behind Arrow.

They have perfectly found Oliver’s voice and this scene showcases that. Amell delivers each line with such authenticity and दिल that it will be hard to ever चोटी, शीर्ष this monologue. In one moment Oliver brings tears to Felicity and “Olicity” प्रशंसकों everywhere when he says."

‘Arrow’ Review: “Broken Hearts” - द्वारा Nora Dominick/ Emertainment Monthly.

"Emily Bett Rickards’s and Stephen Amell’s performances this episode were nuanced and powerful. Their scenes, for me, are what pushed this from a mediocre episode to one worth watching on a सेकंड viewing. Rickards, in particular, really nailed that kind of hazy, gray phase of a breakup.

While some might see Felicity’s fluttering between प्यार declarations and reconfirming her breakup as an inconsistency, I see it as realistic portrayal of someone coming to grips with the end of a long-term relationship.

A breakup is never simple when आप still प्यार the other person. And Felicity makes clear she loves Oliver, but, और important, she loves and values herself outside of that relationship enough to step away."

- Jenny Raftery, ऐरो Recap: दिल Attacked. Vulture.