Okay everybody,we all have to think here.. WHAT HAS HAPPEND TO NICKELODEON?!?!?!?!

Remember the time when Nick was great?
When we had old cartoons,The Amanda Show,Legands of the Hidden Temple,Hey Arnold,Are आप Afraid of the Dark?

Remember all of the 90's shows on Nick?
They were great right?

Well this is not the 90's folks..
I persenoly think that the only thing from the 90's that Nickelodeon even cares about right now is SpongeBob,becouse after Poof was born,i had a feeling that Farliey Odd Parents was going down.
iCarly isn't as funny anymore Penqueins of Madagasgar is a terrible show,just, i think it is just....boring.

And why does everything have to be based off of फिल्में now?

Like the new one coming out:Monsters Vs Aleins:the serise

KungFu Panda:Legands of Ausomness

Back at the BarnYard

Peingueins of Madagasgar!

And they are all CGI now!!!
there is a new CARTOON(good job Nick आप got right FINALLY)called T.U.F.F. कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला and it is in fact a cartoon....

Nickelodeon, आप just...you just need to get your act together...And do NOT रद्द करें Nick mag in December!
Yeah that is right, they are canceling Nick Mag....Yep,I have TON और to say about this but,this all for now.....