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posted by AuraraSohma
Nyx is the ancient goddess of Night in Greek mythology, daughter of Chaos. She is a primal ancestress, and mother of many deities द्वारा Her brother Erebus (Darkness). Her children are for the most part dark sorts and include the Moerae (the three Fates), Nemesis (justice and divine retribution), winged Hypnos (Sleep) and His brother Thanatos (Death), Moros (Doom), the Keres, goddesses of violent death, Oizys (Misery), the Hesperides who guarded the golden apples, Deceit, Friendship, Old Age and Eris (Strife, sometimes कहा to be a daughter of Hera).

She was depicted as riding in a chariot, trailing stars and bringing the night, and accompanied द्वारा Her sons Hypnos and Thanatos. She could be helpful या harmful to mankind, bringing either sleep या death.

Nyx had prophetic powers, and gave oracles from a cave. She was older and और powerful than Zeus, who deferred to Her wishes.