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 Made in the A.M - HMV cover
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made in the a.m
hmv cover
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They may not have won The X Factor but One Direction are still total winners in our eyes!!!! The किस Mag cornered Irish दिल throb Niall Horan for a chat about getting mobbed,The X Factor and being mentored द्वारा Simon Cowell!!!!
So Niall, we caught आप at the Dublin auditions (being cheeky to Katy Perry) going solo but आप ended up in a boy band. Do आप think that's the best thing that could happen to you? NIALL:It was अकल्पनीय the five of us being put together, especially because it was द्वारा Simon. Simon realised that he liked me as a person so he put me into the band and has really backed...
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