Niall and all these little things...

Chapter 1:

    “Charlie! I’m so excited just 24 hours and One Direction will be a few metres away on the stage!”
    “Emma, calm down या आप won’t sleep”
    “But... But... I get to see NIALL!”
    “Well Harry’s better! we should really get some sleep so we aren’t tired for the टमटम tommorow!”

    Charlie is Emma’s room-mate, and they have an undieing प्यार for One Direction. Thats all they talk and dream about. Emma is besotted with Niall and wishes one दिन that he would spot her and realise they would make the perfect couple. Charlie on the other hand likes to make Emma think that shes not too keen on Niall, but really she’s just as besotted. Is this the beggining of a tale of heartbreak and break-ups; या the start of a sweet romance. प्यार is about making sacrifices; but does Emma really understand any of that.

    “Agh, alright then lets go to bed, its gonna be a long night! Here’s hoping for a dream about Niall... as he is ‘dreamy’ after all”
    “Haha shut up Emma that’s so cheesy; I’ll see आप in the morning and we can start getting ready for the gig; the t-shirts arrived this morning, but they sent us the wrong ones! आप got the t-shirt with Niall on like आप wanted but they sent 2! So i’m gonna have to wear a Niall t-shirt too! I hope आप don’t mind!”
    “ Course I don’t mind!! We all know Niall’s mine! ;) Night Night Charlie!’
    “ Night Emma”

I just wanted to अपलोड this so आप could see the beggining of a potentially long series! Im not expecting much from आप guys but just asking for टिप्पणियाँ about लेखन style perhaps! and then hopefully if आप like it I will be carrying on the series with a new chapter once a week या और if it is genuinely being enjoyed.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that आप enjoyed it!