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Article by scotta posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
Passionate about professional team sports?
Consider turning your passion into a CAREER!
ESPN is looking for people with diverse backgrounds, education, experience, and elite-level knowledge of professional team sports.

ESPN Statistics & Information Group

Areas within the Statistics and Information Group include: Bottom Line, Production Research and Stats & Analysis

If statistics, storylines, news-headline लेखन and editing are a big part of your sports game, then the Stats and Information Group is the place for you. We are a pressure-packed, exciting work environment specializing in information dissemination across ESPN. Our product is seen across multiple platforms -- television,, ESPN The Magazine, and ESPN Mobile Publishing.

S&I is three departments in one: Stats & Analysis Team, Production Research and Update Services (the Bottom Line).

The Stats & Analysis Team serves all of the company’s entities with real-time scoring, statistics, अपडेट्स and all statistical information for pro and college sports, including Next-Level Statistics (Statistics that go deeper, or...