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This एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service चित्र contains चोली, ब्रासेरी, रसोई, and रसोईघर. There might also be बैठक, ड्राइंग रूम, कमरे में रहने वाले कमरे में रहने वाले, कमरे में बैठे, सामने के कमरे, पार्लर, लिविंग रूम, बैठे कमरे, फ्रंट रूम, ड्राइंग रूम, वापस लेने के कमरे, वापस कमरे में, and ड्राइंग रूम के कमरे को वापस लेने.

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He was expecting the knock on his door. He was even expecting the armload of चॉकलेट and microwave popcorn. What he wasn't expecting was the first words out of her pretty red-lipsticked mouth.

"Why exactly do आप have half-naked pictures of Ziva on your computer, McGee?"

McGee gulped. "How…how did आप find out about that?"

Abby stormed past him and dumped the popcorn, chocolate, and copy of Young Frankenstein on his couch. "From Ziva. She is not happy with you."

"Yeah, I'd kind of gathered that. Abby, I deleted them this afternoon. No trace of them remains. Ziva watched me do it." Desperate...
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My एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service "fav" Quotes

-Gibbs,"Slap!" Tony to Ziva, "It's an american custom. A form of affection."

- Abby to McGee, "Stop staring at my butt, and get me an evidence jar."

- "Looks like somebody needs a happy meal."

- Tony DiNozzo, "If आप always do what you've always done, then आप always get what you've always got."

- Tony DiNozzo, "He's standing right behing me. Isn't he?"

-Gibbs, "How could I forget Ducky, your mother left आप on a bus."

-Abby, "Heeeyyy! Someone चुरा लिया my cupcake."

-Ziva, "I could kill आप 18 different ways with a paperclip."
posted by choco_cookie
Ok. Even though some of these are a little strange they are quite funny. Most of these are not mine.

ABBY EPS: 1) Something to do with her family, and tell us whether she is actually an orphan (like she seems to be, because एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service is her surrogate family) या a reason why she has so little contact with her family (contrast Palmer, who talks/writes to his mum all the time)
ABBY EPS: 2) Something that features the ten-pin bowling nuns, who must be quite feisty (nothing where they are soppy: just ninja nuns)
ZIVA EPS: 1) Something that shows the fall-out from Shalom (where she defied the Mossad...
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