firstly we all know there are 9 jinchurikkis well those are:the one taled shukaku
-he is from the sand village
सेकंड we have the two tailed demon cat
host:i think it was yugito nii...
third we have uhhhh the three tailed demon turtle
(hahahahahahahahaha a कछुआ, कछुए srry)
then we have the four tailed demon monkey thing
host:an elderly man from the stone village
अगला we have the five tailed demon uhh larva thing
host:well i think its an ninja from the stone village...again
अगला i will दिखाना आप my fav the six tailed demon worm
host: a cute 17 साल old ninja
then seventh then eight than ninght
ninght host:NARUTO UZUMAKIIIII... srry i dint tell ya about the others there is no और room.