Ino-Verse 1

"We're best फ्रेंड्स आप know,and i hate to affend ya.
But your a wannabe kunoichi,and i'm about to kill ya.
You've got bubblegum hair,and a billboard brow.
Your only purpose in life is following Sasuke around.

Your from a cavillian clan,while my dad is a shinobi.
You'll always be सेकंड best,you cannot surpass me.
Your a गुलाबी haired punk,i'm the girl of the hour.
My techniques are too strong,so call it फूल power."
Sakura-Verse 1

"Ino,If आप died i would never avenge ya.
Actually,you are following my a being a medical Ninja.
When i heard Sasuke joined my team,i shouted hooray.
If आप and i fought,i could take आप any day.

Ino,if आप died,no one would remember you.
Team 10 would have to just become Team 2.
They didn't need आप on the team,all ya do is tag along.
It would just be another दिन with Ino gone."
Ino-Verse 2

"It's time to take over,for i am the true Kunoichi.
Your the weakest main character in this whole story.
आप trained under Tsunade,and i'm sure आप had a ball.
But she only taught आप how to पंच through a wall.

This battle's nearly over,we both know i am stronger.
If it wasn't for your team you'd already be a goner.
I'm raining lyrical फूल bombs,call it death from above.
In the end,i am Sasuke's only true love."
Sakura-Verse 2

"I'm prettier than you,at least that's how it seems.
Your the weakest member on your entire team.
My big forehead has tons of fame.
Mind Transfer that Sasuke's mine,and आप are to blame.

My गुलाबी hair has those Sakura grooves.
Your फूल stink और than आप Ninja moves.
When we fight Ino,there is only one way it can end.
It'll be one less Medic who will ever heal again."

Who won?Who's next?

आप decide!