Sorry, I ran out of typing space... anyway.
In other words, the Fourth Great Ninja War would have never started, the Nine-Tails would have never attacked the village sixteen years ago, ककाशी would have never been anbu, Yamato would forever be under the work of Danzo, नारूटो wouldn't be a jinjuriki, he would be weaker, HE WOULD BE MENMA!!! I hope आप now get all the things that wouldn't have happened if Obito would have never "died." This is just a little bit of the many, many, many things that I and I am sure most of आप have figured out about Naruto's life connecting to Obito. I never got to have the joke where I say "What if that dumb guy in the spiral mask is the true enemy in नारूटो Shippuden? *Laughs Intensely*" Tell me, how did it feel?