He has been a big subject ever since the true identity of Tobi/Madara has been released. I have been thinking about the things that would've happened and wouldn't have happened if Obito hadn't "died" eighteen years prior to Naruto's time now. Let's start with right after he died. Chidori would have stayed an incomplete jutsu if ककाशी hadn't got the sharingan. Minato कहा to ककाशी not to use Chidori after the first time he saw it because he कहा it was unstable, making it an incomplete jutsu. That also means that Sasuke wouldn't have half of his jutsu. Next, there is a good chance that Rin wouldn't have died. I don't know exactly why ककाशी killed her yet and PLEASE don't tell me, but maybe she would still be alive if Obito were. The biggest thing about this one, is that Obito would have never went crazy and thought he was in hell if he hadn't saw her being killed द्वारा Kakashi. This is probably the biggest thing. Kushina would still be the nine tails jinjuriki, नारूटो wouldn't have been hated, Minato and Kushina never would have died, and above all, Naruto's life would be like Menma's for those of आप who had seen Road to Ninja.