"Girls I,'m going to be your teacher through the rest of training" कहा Kurenai as she looked over at Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tenten and Temari. "Why do I have to participate in this?" asked Temari. "Well","You don't have to participate the whole time" कहा Kurenai. "OK" Temari कहा with a nod of her head. Kurenai then led the girls around a corner. "This is where we will be training" कहा Kurenai with a smile. The girls looked around. "Woo hoo", "Is this where were training ककाशी sensei?" asked a familar voice. "No" कहा ककाशी Hatake who was sitting a चोटी, शीर्ष a treetop. Then he looked down. "Hello Kurenai" he greeted. "Hello Kakashi" greeted Kurenai back. "Hi Sakura-chan" कहा नारूटो Uzumaki. "Look Billboard Brow","It's that dweeb who has a crush on you" कहा Ino with a laugh. "Ino Pig" growled Sakura irritably. "Hey", "You guys should'nt be talking about नारूटो like that" shouted Hinata. "Hinata" नारूटो कहा confused. He then jumped in front of her. "What was that about"? asked Naruto. Hinata blushed. "Nothing" she कहा looking away. "Girls","I need your attention again" demanded Kurenai. "You guys will be cheerleading". "Cheerleading" Ino कहा excitely. "Yes" कहा Kurenai. "C'mon" Kurenai then led them away from ककाशी and नारूटो into a stadium. There were Konoha villagers shouting from the bleachers. "Put these on in the bathroom real quick" she said, handing each girl a set of clothes and pom poms. After they all came out, Kurenai told them to cheer for who ever they wanted. Sakura and Ino cheered for Sasuke, Hinata cheered for Naruto, Tenten cheered for Neji and Temari cheered for Shikamaru.