Sebastian :3
"Talia! Its time to wake up!" Sakura said. She pulled back the covers on my बिस्तर and turned the light on. Sebastian, who was right अगला to me, opened his eyes and yawned."Morning already?" he stretched, The slowly sat up and yawned again. His athletic body flexing with the movement. I groaned and covered my head with my pillow."No. I am tired from last nights fiasco. Cant i at LEAST get a good nights rest?" The attack from yesterday left the energy out of me, and I just curled up अगला to Sebastian and slept for the whole day. Sebastian didnt complain. Sakura just shook her head and Yanked the तकिया off my head. I shivered in the crisp Fall air."Sebastian. आप left my window open again." He shrugged his shoulders."I was hot." Sakura looked on my floor of my apartment. She picked up an old box of oatmean and threw it into the wastebin."And ककाशी कहा आप can wear your Casual today. No missions today." She opened up my dresser and shifted through my old clothes from my old Andalite days. She finally pulled out a blue t कमीज, शर्ट and a pair of denim shorts. She Draped them both over her arm as she picked up my shoes. she tossed them at at me, which i caught hastily."Why?" She leaned over me, and Fingered my hair, which was now longer than Neji's."Im cutting your hair today." I grabbed back my hair."But i like it long." She shook her head. "It dont matter." She took my sissors off my bedtable and looked at the blood on the blade."Talia?" I siged, then i rolled back the sleeve of my nightshirt. The फूल that appeared was healing, But still sore. The फूल appeared last night, as i was taking a bath. i showed sebastian, and we had to सील, मुहर it back again. The sissors was bloody because Mordrid accidentally cut her hand. She cried like she was dying."Mordrid had an accident with them. Just was them." I rolleld the sleeve down. "I hope youll be alright, talia. After Naruto,Sasuke, And Sai didnt come back, आप havent been yourself. I promised Sai to protect आप before he left to Find them both." I nodded, then fingered the दिल हार on my chest. Sai was...well...i dont really know. He jsut protected me ever since The Accident(Shit, talia. आप werent supposed to think about it!)
"Talia, Remember the rules!" Sakura कहा from the Trees."You cant abuse it without it abusing you! too much chackra means little affect!" I glared into the trees."I know!" I had on a Half shirt, with a स्कर्ट cut on the sides, Like Inos या sakura's, and I had on shorts under them. I had tape to hold the Holster. The emblem on my back was sort of like this:
But it was much bigger. I was 15. I was in the forest practicing the Ripple effect( The jutsu that allows आप to pass through stationary, Solid, and inaminate objects. आप gather the chackra at the center of the body, then at its maximum, आप let it go in one burst, Rippling through your body and causing a chain reaction. The chackra will हटाइए in an outwards motion, Causing the body to become merely an reflection of yourself, Alowing आप to go through objects.) and So far, I smacked into a rock twice, and a पेड़ three times. I swore my nose was broken. sakura कहा it wasnt. Sasuke appeared अगला to me from the पेड़ branch."Talia, Give it up. आप can never become a master at the A-rank Jutsu that आप invented." He teased."You dork," (Sasuke is my 2nd cousin. sakura was jealous of me. But i dont care. He is SUCH a dork sometimes.) "I didnt invent it. I found it at the back of my closet." sasuke waved his hand."Sure." He jumped back up अगला to sakura. I quickly did the Hand signs and Held my hands up in a Cross, With my middle fingers touching. I felt a warm flurrie Start up in my chest, and Spread out around my body. Im almost out of Chackra. I have enough left for this one time. I opened my eyes and watched the chackra emerge from my chest. It was at its maximum. I let the jutsu go, yelling out. he chackra bounced aroud me, and i ran towards a tree. I closed my eyes, waiting for the worst. But it didnt come. I opened my eyes. The पेड़ wasnt there."Yahoo!" I yelle Out, jumping in the air and did a backwards flip. "Go, Talia!" sakura cried. Sasuke smirked at me."Good job, Talia. Now try to do the Chidori!" He said. I landed on my feet, And stuck my tongue at him."Thats your specialty, Dork!" He laughed, Then his expression turned to shock."Saskue, Whats the-" I was jerked back. A kunai was put at my throat."No noe move, या talia gets it." I recognised that voice.I Saw a glimpse of jet black hair."Tenobi. I wouldve known. Jake probably sent आप out here." he chuckled. No. I chose to kill आप here." I rolled my eyes."Please, Tenobi. im stronger than you." The kunai was pressed harder against my neck."Dont be to sure." "Talia!" sasuke screamed.
"Sasuke!" No! Its suicide!"
"He'll kill you!"
Sasuke jumped over. He didnt even get a chance. the kunai was thrown at him, and it lodged into his shoulder. He cried in pain and fell."SASUKE!" The kunai Pressed deeper."Now what did i say?" He Took his hand and One signed it. "Dissarearing spell!"
"Are आप okay, Talia?" I looked up. I realised i wandered off into the memory. "yeah.i had another flashback." I got up out of बिस्तर and walked over to sakura-chan."Talia,you know thats supposed to stop soon. the flashbacks were because आप were captured and आप became amnesiac." sakura siged."Just get dressed,chika.I have to take आप to The hairdressers today. I got a good idea for your hair." sakura grabbed sebastians hand and started dragging him out of the room."Hurry up,Talia." he कहा before the door closed. i sighed again and plopped onto my bed.The comforter was cool and soft on my skin. I almost fell asleep again if it werent that heavy dreading feeling on my chest.So i got up and got dressed. I braided up my hair and pullled it aside so it wont get in the way. My कमीज, शर्ट was a crop shirt,its not very tight like my other one,and my denim shorts were the usual kind.I pulled my shoes on and looked in the full length mirror.My face,i thought,was ugly. I fifnt like my face. No one does,unless your spoiled. but it didnt matter. i dont have anyone in this little village to impress. I slipped into the hall and quietly padded into the kitchen. Sakura and Sebastian had their backs to me.They were whispering something."Talia found naruto. Her organization kidnapped him. jake,The group leader, had a thing for her,but she decided their treatments to shinobis were a threat to her life,so she and her mom escaped to the village,where they were put under the witness protection program.Now,they have captured Sai." Sakura nodded.(So thats where he went.)"To get sai back,Kakashi had asked Lady tsunade for purmission to go find Them all. Naruto,Sasuke,Sai.But she declined."he continued. he had a map spread out in front of him.What a ninja cat. he dont even realize that his best friend is behind him,eavesdropping.Sakura nodded."Thats right. ककाशी decided not to tell Talia about This.her memories of the Andalite days are coming back. not the good ones. the ones that tortured her. Talia is Still white-lied." Sebastian nodded, then he turned the map over. the andalite village route was charted द्वारा the both of us to find it again if we need to."Me and Talia charted the route to the nearest post. Sakura,do आप remember Mordrid and jake,Talia's Comrads when she was 12?" sakura took a picture from the table."yeah." sebastian turned the map back ovver,displaying all of the lands."Well,guess what.Their looking for her,and as ransom,they are holding Sai,Sasuke,And naruto,especially,In price of her and me." sakura nodded."if me,Talia,and आप can go out there and face 15 ninja at the same time,we can handle this." sebastian took a pencil and wrote something down. I hid behind the door to hear everything.It was a little fuzzy."Talia has no idea. But sakura, if she goes back, then....she might just...Freak out. She cant come with." I heard scraping chairs."Fine." Thats it, shes coming to get me. I quickly ran back to the door,Opening it,then closed it."here she comes right now." Sakura stepped out of the kitchen."Good. i thought आप were asleep." I smiled,Mostly because i didnt want her to find out i was eavesdropping."I did fall asleep." sakura had something in her eyes. it looked like....She knew i heard everything."Okay.Then.Lets go.
"Talia,Oh,my. Your hair!..."Mayomay-chan कहा from her porch."Maymay." I stopped outside her yard. It was me and sakura now.Sebastian went to the ramen, रामन shop."Oh,yes. Going to get it cut?"
I smiled."yeah.How did आप know?" mayomay laughed."I just do." Sakura pulled my arm and tugged me away."Hey,OW!what the hell was that for?" Sakura didnt stop until we got to the haicutter."That old hag is a witch.never go there again." Salura let go of my arm."God,Saklura.Dont आप know how scary आप are? Your scarier than Old grandma Tsunade." I smiled."or am i?" I stepped back away from her. She was definitely scaring me."Okay.jeez."
Talia :3(More like a devil)
Talia's younger sister, Mordrid :3 (More like an angel)