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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas!

SeanTheHedgehog & Izfankirby present

Grand Theft Ponies

San Franciscolt, December 1988

The fanfic begins with Gordon, and Case पटाखा, पटाखे at Gordon's house. They are watching a football game. The Eagles are beating the Giants 21-10

Gordon: I always told आप that the Giants sucked.
Case Cracker: Calm down, halftime just ended. They've had some bad luck is all.
Gordon: No kidding. They'll never win a game.

Suddenly, the phone rings.

Gordon: Ah good. Commercials, and a call. *picks up phone* Hello?
Jim: हे Gordon, it's Jim. Get Case...
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December 21st, 1980

Jerry: *In the kitchen, eating a banana*
Vito: *Walks into the house* Jerry, I did it.
Jerry: आप got us a house?
Vito: Yep. We'll be out of here द्वारा New Years Day, just like I promised.
Kayla: *Walks into the house*
Vito: *Looks at Kayla* आप didn't tell me आप had a marefriend.
Kayla: Is this your brother?
Jerry: Yep, I'd like आप to finally meet Vito.
Kayla: Charmed.
Vito: Likewise. Let me make a call. I too have a marefriend, and she's getting lonely all the way in Chicagoat.
Jerry: Be my guest.
Vito: *Picks up the phone, and dials Penny's number*

It was snowing in Chicagoat. Penny...
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Vito was talking to Penny on the phone.

Penny: So आप really like it down there, huh?
Vito: It would be much better with you, but the weather is nicer.
Penny: I can imagine. *Looks at her clock* I'll call आप tomorrow. I need to get some extra sleep for a business meeting tomorrow.
Vito: Okay. I प्यार you.
Penny: I प्यार आप too. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Puts his phone away, and sighs*
Boss: *Walks into Vito's room* Vito, I'm assigning आप and Jerry to work together on an important assignment.
Vito: Why Jerry?
Boss: Relax, this will be easy. आप two will simply escort some capos out of town. They'll meet us...
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Vito arrived in San Franciscolt. Despite the extra money, he was still not looking आगे to working with Jerry.

Vito: *Takes a left turn, and looks at the address* Not far now.
Boss: *Watching Vito pull in* Your brother has just arrived. *Hangs up*
Jerry: Thank you. *Hangs up* I'll see आप tomorrow Kayla.
Kayla: आप don't want me to wait here for you?
Jerry: It's not going to be pleasant.
Kayla: Very well.

Vito stepped out of his car, and walked towards the villa, when he received a warm welcome.

Boss: Thank आप for coming all the way from Chicagoat to help us.
Vito: You're welcome.
Boss: Follow me,...
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Mr. Costanza was sitting behind his desk, पढ़ना a magazine about boats, when his phone began to ring.

Mr. Costanza: *Picks up the phone* Who is this?
Boss: San Franciscolt. Mexicans attacked our villa, and I'm short on ponies.
Mr. Costanza: How many do आप need?
Boss: Four, at least.
Mr. Costanza: I'll send over a few, including my best stallion. How soon do आप need them?
Boss: Start sending them over. *Hangs up*

Vito was saying goodbye to Penny as she began to leave.

Vito: When do आप want to see me again?
Penny: Call me tomorrow, and I'll tell you. *Winks* Bye. *Leaves*
Vito: *Hears his phone ringing*...
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Twilight Sparkle as Ice Cube.
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