Vito and Jerry were close to crossing the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Jerry: Not long now.
Vito: Just a few और seconds, and you'll actually complete a job without screwing it up.

Five Pegasi with AK47's flew above the convoy, and started shooting at the convoy. They killed both bikers, but those were the only fatalities so far.

Vito: Come on! *Gets out of his car*
Jerry: Hey, in case आप didn't notice, I didn't do anything!
Vito: Now that's the problem! Kill them!
Jerry: *Spots two Ford LTD's coming towards them* और behind us! I got them! *Shooting at the MS-13 ponies*
Vito: Who are these guys?!
Jerry: MS-13! They're Mexicans!
Vito: *Shooting the Pegasi with his M16* The road's clear, go without us!
Driver: Okay! *Drives the Station Wagon*
Vito: Come on, we need to get across the bridge before और of them दिखाना up! *Gets into his car with Jerry. He follows the Station Wagon*
Jerry: *Sweating*
Vito: *Looking at the road as he crosses the bridge*
Jerry: *Nervous* Vito?
Vito: Listen, I'm not mad at you. आप did well.
Jerry: It's not that Vito.
Vito: What's wrong?
Jerry: I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! *Crying as he rests his head on the dashboard* Do आप realize how frequently I have to put up with these attacks?! Every single घंटा of every single day! We're not going to last out here very long! *Sits up* Who the hell am I kidding? आप probably don't care about how I feel.
Vito: As a matter of fact, I do. I'm getting pretty tired of this way of life. Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to try and find us a place to live, with decent paying jobs.
Jerry: Why you?
Vito: Because I'm new here. They won't bother me with any assignments for a while. Got the same kind of treatment when I got transferred from Filly to Chicagoat. Now I want to try, and go somewhere north. Preferably Sacramento, या maybe Napa.
Jerry: Why Napa?
Vito: That's where wine is produced. Wine is expensive. We could probably make the same amount of money we do now, without any of the danger. It should take us a couple of weeks, so hopefully we'll get everything set up द्वारा New Years Day.
Jerry: Vito?
Vito: Yes?
Jerry: Thank आप for helping me.
Vito: Since we're not dealing with बंदूकों anymore, hopefully आप won't kill anymore of our cousins.

2 B Continued