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 Princess Celestia :3
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posted by _MockingJay_
Silver Tune was worried as she was walking back home. She looked around every 10 seconds. Trixie's sentence, "You're dead meat!" was still on her mind. Silver Tune was holding the razor that was in her pocket.

???: HEY!

Silver Tune gasped. She turned around and saw Trixie with two other mares beside her. Silver Tune's eyes widen.

ST: *shows Razor at Trixie* Don't आप dare come close to me!
Trixie: *laughs* It's 3 against 1. Yeah, I don't think so.
Lily: *laughs*
Rose: Idiot. *laughs*
ST: *gulps* *takes a step back*
Rose: Aww, don't be afraid.
Lily: Yeah, we'll just like beat आप up, that's all....
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posted by FlameMusical123
Hi! I'm new here. Call me Flame. My first post was a picture called 'Meet Flame Air'. This is to introduce her properly.

Name: Flame Air
Coat color: Sunshine yellow
Eye Colors: Blood red(left), sky blue(right)
Hair Colors: Tangerine orange, ruby red
Cutie Mark: 2 musical notes (forgot their names)
Flame's hairstyle has a rig-shaw like design. Sort of like Mordecai from Regular Show.
Flame used to live in Manhattan, till her family got fed up with the insults thrown...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 The moon buggy
The moon buggy
Bambi & Thumper got arrested, so Con & Whataspy continued, in Con's car again.

Con: Where is Discord's base?
Whataspy: On a oil rig west of here.
Cop 4: Hey, it's that car we've been chasing yesterday!
Cop 1: Let's get it!
Con: Cops, great!
Whataspy: Keep driving. *grabs gun*
Whataspy: *shoots cops*
Cop 1: We need और officers, pronto!
Con: I got an idea *hits self destruct button*
Whataspy: What's that for?
Con: Trust me. *teleports away*
Cop 1: There it is.
Cop 4: They're gone. Set up a parking boot.

But the car blew up. Con & Whataspy however, were in a worse...
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It was time for a meal in Fluttershy's cottage, where our little "Snow White like" pegasus टट्टू was feeding her animal friends. She then heard some tapping on the floor, so she around and saw a merely demanding एंजल wanting his meal. She gave him a nice bow of fresh garden vegetable सलाद in a bowl. But he didn't want that. Fluttershy was curious as to what he wanted. एंजल then got a recipe book and he showed his mistress what he would like to have. She wasn't sure on whether she would have it done for him या not, but he wouldn't take any rejection. She persuaded him to have at least one...
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posted by whiteclaw
 The villian
The villian
Miss Cheerilee, the local school teacher, decided to take a shortcut to her school. It was down a long dark alley behind the Ponyville gym. She was never the one for athletic sports या activites, but she supported fitness of all types. She heard a scream from behind a कचरे के डिब्बे, कूड़ेदान and jumped. She began walking और quickly now, and became और cautious of her environment.

She was just about to turn the corner when a dart was shot into the side of her neck. She struggled, but couldn`t fight. She began hallucinating and fell to the ground. When she looked up, she saw a tall figure standing above her, "You can call me...Scarecrow!!!" कहा the figure. He added another dose into her neck, "How does it feel to be scared Miss Cheerilee?" "Are आप scared that I know your name?" "Fear this दिन for it is your last!"

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pinkie pie
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My Little टट्टू CMC
my little टट्टू
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