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I know there's been a few लेखाए about this, but I actually wanted to write an लेख about what I think about the movie. As most of my लेखाए say, please do टिप्पणी दे and like if आप so desire. However, your टिप्पणियाँ should be written in a way that is constructive and not meant to hurt या insult others. So now I will start :)

So when I first heard about इंद्रधनुष Rocks I wasn't very excited about it. I heard the "Shake Your Tail" song and I didn't like it. I also did not understand why they were doing a battle of the bands. However, once I saw the trailer with the villains then I understood...
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Fluttershy's pov

The six of us stared in shock the place where Discord once stood was now empty, not even a statue of the draconequus. My दिल began to race and my thoughts were flying. I was about to speak when Pinkie Pie asked

"We didn't umm kill him did we?"

"No the elements powers don't destroy" stated Twilight

I started to breath again not knowing that I had been holding my breath the whole time. We quickly went to see Princess Celestia and tell her what happened

"It's seems that Discord ran." she stated

"So Dipcord is a fucking coward and out there somewhere doing who knows what" yelled Rainbow...
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