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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After talking to Don Castalini, Larry was driving Adrenaline home, when he got an idea.

Larry: आप still want to try that destruction derby we saw earlier, या do आप wanna do that another time?
Adrenaline: I can't pass that up. I wanna do it now.
Larry: Then let's get there. *Drives to the destruction derby stadium*
Adrenaline: *Waits to arrive*
Larry: *Stops car in parking lot*
Adrenaline: *Gets out* आप know where to sign in?
Larry: द्वारा the entrance.
Adrenaline: *Goes to the entrance looking for a place to sign up*
Derby Pony: What's your name?
Adrenaline: Adrenaline Rush.
Derby Pony: How old are आप Adrenaline?
Adrenaline: 23.
Derby: You're in. Your car is number 57, a white PMC pick up.
Adrenaline: Great. Larry, are आप joining?
Larry: Nah, I don't think so. I told आप I'm not good.
Adrenaline: Better get a ticket then. *Heads for car 57*
Larry: *Goes to his seat*
Adrenaline: *gets in his car, getting it ready for the race to start*
Announcer: Fillies, and gentle colts. We're about to start our very first destruction derby.
Audience: *Cheers*
Adrenaline: *Revs engine, and glares toward the other competitors*
Flag Pony: Alright racers. The track is a figure 8, ten laps. Turn your headlights on when you're ready.
Racers: *Turning on headlights*
Larry: *Watching the race*
Adrenaline: *Flashes headlights on*
Flag Pony: 3. 2. 1. Go!
Adrenaline: *stomps on the gas and zooms off from the start*
Audience: *Cheering*
Adrenaline: *Makes a turn, keeping the truck from losing control द्वारा hitting another car while drifting, then speeds up after the turn*
Announcer: Hello everypony, and welcome to the very first Destruction Derby in all of Hawaii. All of आप ponies are very very lucky.
Larry: *Watching Adrenaline get first place* Keep it up buddy.
Racer 52: *hits the back of Adrenaline's truck*
Adrenaline: *swerves back and forth but regains control at the cost of speed, landing him in third place at this point*
Racer 52 and 27: *hit each other's cars trying to get ahead of each other*
Announcer: It looks like cars number 52, and 27 are in the lead, and they're attacking each other to see who will stay in first. Adrenaline in car number 57 did a wonderful job preventing his truck from spinning out.
Larry: Come on Adrenaline, get back in there.
Adrenaline: *Waits for an opening cutting off another car from behind*
Racer 76: *Hits the front of racer 27's car, spinning him out*
Adrenaline: *dodges racer 27's car and speeds up catching up to racer 76*
Announcer: They're crossing over the other part of the track. All of the cars are right behind them, so they don't have to worry about getting hit from the side.
Adrenaline: *Speeds up*
Racer 76: *Eases on the gas, to hit Adrenaline's incoming car from the rear*
Adrenaline: *is shook up from the impact, sees a turn coming up and makes a sharp turn*
Announcer: Car number 57 has been hit from behind, but is still in the lead. Adrenaline is doing great for his very first race here. He's now on the सेकंड lap.

Ten मिनटों later

Announcer: The first three racers have just passed the starting line, and are now on the final lap. Seventeen racers have been eliminated, and so far, only twelve are left.
Racer 53: *Getting behind Adrenaline*
Larry: Watch out.
Adrenaline: *Keeps driving, keeping in front of the other racer*
Larry: Come on, almost there!
Ponies: *Cheering*
Announcer: It looks like Adrenaline is going to win this one.
Adrenaline: *Keeps driving, staying ahead of the others.*
Two racers: *Surrounding Adrenaline*
Announcer: Cars 09, and 52 are neck, and neck with 57.
Adrenaline: *Keeps driving, trying to pass them*
Larry: *Sees Adrenaline pass the finish line first* Yeah!
Announcer: The winner is Adrenaline. Well done.
Adrenaline: *Stops the car once he passes* Man, that was awesome.

In the distance, this song can be heard playing very loudly on a radio (Start at 1:08): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEUCF70z5S0

Larry: *Walking back to the car with Adrenaline* आप remember the guys we're looking for?
Adrenaline: Kinda. Why?
Larry: Just wanna make sure. We gotta find them tomorrow before they testify.
Adrenaline: That's right. Castalini कहा they would be at the station in Lahaina catching the 9 O' Clock train.

They get into Larry's car, and drive out of the stadium's parking lot.

2 B Continued
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