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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Con Mane in disguise.
Con Mane in disguise.
When Con called P, she was angry with him.

P: Goddamnit Con! आप weren't supposed to kill anyone!
Con: Yeah well Der Cheif is still alive, and I found a way to get the money from him.
P: How? Blow his head off?
Con: I'm going to follow him to the Casino Of Solace, and win the money he stole.
P: Ok, but this is your last chance. If आप kill one और pony, your license to murder will be provoked. Now come back to Canterlot.

Con returned to Canterlot so he could get some supplies. He got money, and he was being disguised to look like another pony. He was going to Alicorn City which was where the Casino Of Solace would be.

Bodyguard 4: Who is getting the money now that Mr. Black is dead?
Der Cheif: A टट्टू named Frank.
Con: I'm here, lets play some poker!
Dealer: Big blind goes to Jade. It will हटाइए clockwise.
Der Cheif: That means I get small blind.

There were 7 ponies playing at the तालिका, टेबल Con was at. The order went from Jade, Der Cheif, Derpy, the cutie mark crusaders, and Con.

Der Cheif: *looks at cards* I'm betting 50 bits.
Jade: I'm in
Con: *looks at cards* I'm in.
Big Mac: Applebloom! What are आप and your फ्रेंड्स doing here?!
Cutie mark crusaders: *run off*
Dealer: Dumb fillies. Ok दिखाना your cards.
Jade: I got a three of a kind kings.
Der Cheif: 4 of a kind kings!
Con: Nice, but not good enough. 4 of a kind aces.
Dealer: And the winner is, what's your name?
Con: Mane. Con Mane.
Dealer: The winner is Con Mane.
Der Cheif: *hits table*

The poker match was getting intense. After ten hands it was just Con, and Der Cheif. Each had over 50,000 bits.

Dealer: Final hand gentlemen. Ante is 20 bits. *deals cards*
Con & Der Cheif: *Pay for match*
Der Cheif: Get me 1 card.
Con: I don't need any.
Dealer: Alright. Bet!
Der Cheif: I'm going all in.
Con: if that's what आप want, so be it.
Dealer: दिखाना your hands.
Der Cheif: I have a straight flush. Sorry Con
Con: Now wait just a minute! आप think your hand is so good, well it is. My hand however is better.
Der Cheif: What can beat a straight flush?
Dealer: Whoa. No wonder आप didn't need any cards. Con wins.
Crowd: *applaudes*
Der Cheif: Dood hem. NU! (Kill him. NOW!)
Bodyguard 5: *shoots At Con*
Con: *jams बंदूकों with magic* See ya! *runs off with money*

Con drove off with three Coltillac El Doritos chasing him.

Con: *drifts*
Coltillac driver 1: *shoots at Con*
Con: *deploys shield reflecting bullets. One of them hits the driver*
Coltillac driver 1: *drives into tree*
Coltillac driver 2: *hits Con's car*
Con: *flips car, and destroys it*
Der Cheif: Uitstekend. Zet hem in de kofferbak.
(Excellent. Put him in the trunk)
posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night, Con was sent to the airport to find Lasala.

Con: *Looking at passengers* (P told me Lasala was a grey stallion with a black mane.) *Continues looking*
Dutch ponies: *Looking at Con*
Dutch Captain: *Grabs walkie talkie* Now?
Lasala: Now.
Dutch Captain: *Looks at Dutch ponies* Now

All five of them grabbed sub machine guns, and started shouting

Dutch Captain: Everypony on the ground now!
Con: *Sees Lasala out on runway*
Dutch pony: *Goes to Con* Hey, get on the ground!
Con: *Teleports onto runway*
Lasala: *Grabs rocket launcher*
Con: *Pointing gun at Lasala* Stop!
Lasala: *Shoots rocket at Con*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con went back to the hotel room after getting और money from Fenix. He was going to tell Vesper the good news, when.

Lasala: *Holding Vesper hostage*
Con: What were आप doing earlier?
Lasala: Looking for your money
Con: *Shoots Lasala's gun*
Lasala: *Pushes Vesper onto floor*
Con: *Tackles Lasala*
Vesper: *Screaming for no good reason*
Lasala: *Leaves room*
Con: Come here! *Pushes Lasala downstairs*
Lasala: *Grabs Con*

Both यूनिकॉर्न rolled down the stairs, as Vesper ran after them screaming.

Lasala: *Grabs knife*
Con: *sees Knife*
Vesper: Con, look out! He has a knife!
Con: No shit! *Kicks Lasala*
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Can आप resist the cuteness?! ♥ द्वारा alfa995
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Hey, everybody. आप might remember the two लेखाए of "Ponies and their Virtues" I made some time ago. I guess it's time that I update या make a redux to the two articles. Hope आप like it.

Twilight Sparkle: the Princess of Friendship, the Element of Magic, and फ्रेंड्स to many. With an intuitive mind, great magical talent, great minds alongside hers, and steadfastness, there's almost no problem she can't overcome. She could be stubborn, even when trying to find out about "Pinkie Sense", but it doesn't ruin her friendship with her friends.

Virtue: Prudence

Pinkie Pie: the Element of Laughter,...
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rainbowpie. इंद्रधनुष dash
pinkie pie
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
13th May.
Hour 1705

Global Equestrian Army
Fireteam Reaper

-Captain Hooffman
-Lieutenant Ghost
-Sergeant Blaze
-Copral Alex (Sniper)
-Staff Sergeant Hardscope


Dan - Gentlemen. Welcome to 3rd Executive Fireteam. Right after Fireteam Lancer and Fireteam Phantom.
Hooffman - Pleasure to be here.
Dan - We are in time of crisis now so we will हटाइए on for defence. But आप won't do it. I will send आप to Russia. I want आप to take over control of Thanathos Plane and destroy fleet that is going to us. Thanathos can't reach Equestria with any missiles. I trust आप gents. हटाइए out.

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Ponies are लोकप्रिय for यूट्यूब poops.
इंद्रधनुष dash
my little टट्टू
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