Name: ShadowStar MoonLight
Nickname: Shadow, Star, MoonLight
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: (not being racist) black skin, dark blue green mane, dull blue eyes, broken unicorn horn, purple shades, purple bracelets
Personality: secretive, fun, caring, quiet, hard partier
Town: Ponyville
Status: FBI agent
Power: Magic Unicorn Horn
Skills: acrobatics
History: ShadowStar born and raised in the forest near Ponyville. Her parents abandoned her when she was about 3 and left her. She was able to survive in the forest for a few years, off of berries and edible bark. When she was 10, she found Zecora. Zecora took care of her until she got older. When she turned 12, she went into the actual world and got a job. She worked at little shops for about a year, until the FBI found her. They offered her a job as a secret agent, and she accepted the job. She started when she was 13, and has worked there ever since. She has been hoping that the FBI will allow her to हटाइए to Equestria to investigate, but they had not mentioned relocating her.