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 The Ghost of आप
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संगीत video for "The Ghost of You" directed द्वारा Marc Webb
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the ghost of आप
संगीत video
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Just wanted to say: I DON'T OWN THIS! I found this on Fanfiction.net, and thought it was brilliant :3

You know you're a My Chemical Romance Freak when

You know you're a My Chemical Romance Freak when
1. Your carpet is soaked with drool after watching them play on TV
2. आप cry when u hear them play your प्रिय song live
3. आप hear someone say My Chemical Romance and आप snap to attention
4. आप stand your ground and defend them when someone tries to criticize them
5. आप feel like burning the TRL building down
6. आप read a story and claim आप saw one of the band members...
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During the My Chemical Romance Performance of Projekt Revolution in Hartford, CT, Gerard Way decided to mix it up with Rhianna's Umbrella
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