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posted by Jackiel_l
Now i go on यूट्यूब alot. And one channel i watch alot is prank vs prank. A couple who have been dating since 2007. They live together, they travel together, and pull pranks on each other. The couples name is jesse and jeana. This couple lives in New Jersey. The funnest prank i have seen from jesse is when he pretend to cut jeanas hair. Btw toally funny she freaked out. Best prank Jeana ever did was to pretend to be cheating. Btw he freaked out even और LOL! They even got a daily volg bf vs gf. Which always ends द्वारा someone कहा PEACE FROM THE सड़क, स्ट्रीट SON!!!!!!!!!

On a scale form 1 to 10 i give prankvs prank a 10.
Group announces dividend payout of 22 sen per share, a 75% payout and a 5 percentage points increase over last year
•    Celcom1 grew faster than the market on revenue and continues to register record profits, highest in the industry
•    Dialog2 and Robi3 see significant growth trajectory, with double digit revenue growth of 12% and 16% respectively
•    Profits at Robi and Smart4 और than doubled while Idea’s profits increased द्वारा almost 80%
•    Celcom and XL5 see continued robust data performance, both...
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posted by Jackiel_l
Hi, sorry i have not पोस्टेड in a while.but now i am. so, i have been on यूट्यूब and i saw a musicvideo. it was called "Friday" from Rebecca Black. for starters when she was गाना she sounded like a duck!!!!!! and the whole song is about what she does on Friday. but it is good for little kids because it shows them the days of the week in order. but i dont think the song is for that. but there is another song she sing thats is called my moment. WAY BETTER THAN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In that song she sings really good. and its cute when she is around her fans. BUT.......... the lyrics that she sings sounds like she is baring. ( sorry not good at spelling)

on a scale to one to ten i give Rebecca a 3 (it would be a 1 but my moment is a good song)
The big bang theory? What can i say! It is a good show. It is about 4 scientist who work at a unavirsary and there neighbor. There is Sheldon who is really smart but dose not understand todays people. He loves तारा, स्टार terk and he trys to solves the mysterys of the world ( good luck with that) . He is played द्वारा Jim Parson. And his roommate Lenner he is the normally one but has trouble with the ladys. But the one who has और trouble is Raj he can even talk to girls. There also Penny she is nice and also dates lenner. There is also Howard a 30 साल old who lives withhis mom

I would give the bigbangtheory a 9
have आप been on movie तारा, स्टार planet? of course आप have. i प्यार this website if your 10-15 of age moviestarplanet is your i dont know about आप but i प्यार it.its a place to live out your fansty. आप can make a avatar, have a gf या a bf. and go to chat rooms. आप can be a regular या a VIP. VIPS can have और suff but it cost money to be one. i for one is a regular. आप can message फ्रेंड्स pirvtely and more. not to forget आप earn fame so आप so आप can level up the higher the level the और suff आप can get. and i almost forgot आप and earn coins. with the coins आप can buy suff to wear and a new hair and pet.

so on a scale to 1-10 i give moivie तारा, स्टार planet a 9.
posted by Jackiel_l
Hi, this is jackie here. i have a NEW blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i tell reviews and my opinion movies,songs,fashion,boys,ect. lots of suff. आप could say this is for girls. but anyway please write commets and tell me how आप think. post me anything. also tell me suff i could write about. dont forget to be a fan. oh, and please leave the लेखाए to me :). really hope आप like my blog.and get the facts straight. tell your फ्रेंड्स and all.

this is the first of many wonderful,cool,nice, AWESOME,and colorful blog.