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This संगीत चित्र might contain कॉकटेल पोशाक, म्यान, bustier, बस्टीर, and संगीत कार्यक्रम.

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Well, it had to be done. I haven't seen any लेखाए like this. For real, I support parents who let their own kids listen & look up to real childhood idols. Not none of those fake-ass stars like Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, and Justin Bieber shit that little kids wet their panties over. Real role मॉडेल are located in underrated channels that are not लोकप्रिय over looks.

If I had kids, I would not allow them to hear या watch anything on डिज़्नी Channel, except for some shows like Stanly, That's So Raven, The Proud Family, & Kim Possible. Austin and Ally and Shake it Up, hell no, I don't wanna...
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This is the सवाल that I am forced to face. The Beatles is, no question, the best band ever, right? Does that mean that the Fab Fours' harmonies are better than the समुद्र तट Boys? If आप have ever heard the समुद्र तट Boys and The Beatles, आप understand that this is a hard decision. Listen to The समुद्र तट Boys song Surfin' USA. In this fun-loving song, आप can experience The समुद्र तट Boys and their harmonies. But listen to The Beatles song प्यार Me Do. This song helped promote The Beatles, along with their harmonies. And now the question... who has the best harmonies? We may never decide for sure. But it doesn't matter. The समुद्र तट Boys will continue spreading Good Vibrations and The Beatles will continue helping people Come Together.
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Pop Evil

This is the सेकंड time I've seen them and I enjoyed them very well. Though for this संगीत कार्यक्रम I wasn't in the pot and had seats pretty far up. But from the distance it was cool. I got to hear Footsteps and he came into the crowd nearly to the lawn for the last song.

Cheap Trick

I wasn't really familiar with this band before the दिखाना but right when they came out I knew I'd प्यार them. They had a sense of humor stating that they're "a brand new band" and that they "have a single that has only been out for 18 weeks" before playing an older song from the 80's. संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर they had a sound that...
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