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 Charli XCX
Charli XCX
Charli: हे Guys Charli XCX here and here's how my song Boom clap became a boom drop of some sort.
Kofi(Backstage at smackdown hears Boomclap on Sound system) Whoa what's that.
Sound guy: Charli XCX's Boom clap
Kofi: U don't say I'm the Boom dropper I wonder if she wants to give me that song.
So he goes to meets Charli at the AMA's
Kofi: हे U Charli
Charli: Yea who r u?
Kofi: My name's Kofi Kingston i work for the WWE
Charli right sure u do
Kofi: It's true anyway I'm here because I heard someone say u have a song called Boom Clap.
Charli: Yes I do why?
Kofi: U don't know this but I'm the boom Dropper...
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...And one आप should give a सेकंड chance.

I've been known to have संगीत tastes that aren't for everyone. People tend to be a little crazy about what संगीत they do and don't like but if it makes आप feel good who really cares, right? I was up last night watching संगीत वीडियो for one of the artists on here and I was thinking to myself "Why aren't they और popular? Why does nobody I know talk about them?" Then I answered my own सवाल and decided to inform the masses! So lets get started!

Lets start with the one आप should give a सेकंड chance...Carly Rae Jepsen. Of course आप know her, whether...
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the wanted
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