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 पियानो वॉलपेपर
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Mother help me find my way
Will temptations sway my faith
My beliefs of purity
Are corrupted द्वारा insanity

Father guide me when I pray
Show me where to turn and when I stray...

As I swim मत्स्य कन्याओं dance with me
As I drown they romance with me
They sing sweet little harmonies
Louder and louder until I can't breathe

Hey blue bird on my shoulder
Can आप carry me over?...

If I had any meaning in this ol big world
Can आप tell a लॉस्ट and lonely girl
If I was happy for a दिन I'd risk it all
That's why when I'm with I'm not afraid to fall

And if आप left me, and if आप leave me
At least I'd have a cherish...
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James Charles & Cimorelli - Never Enough (Lyrics)
james charles
never enough
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