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added by k9hatake
Source: team four तारा, स्टार
added by k9hatake
Source: team four तारा, स्टार
my friend was telling me about this club and i was like i want a funny video and i found one
टिकिया, मफिन
Everyone asks me why my answer to every seemingly impossible to answer सवाल is टिकिया, मफिन button. I'm bored and would like to put people's wondering to rest.
I would first like to ask why not? टिकिया, मफिन buttons are unmatched in their level of awesome. And who better to support it than one of the most, if not THE most, well known ऐनीमे character EVER. Kids at my school who have never watched ऐनीमे probably ever in their life know Goku. As an added bonus Team Four तारा, स्टार has helped get its existance known.
If you're still not convinced द्वारा this short rant on the टिकिया, मफिन button's awesomeness, consider...
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