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 Pic at the end of the Somebody संगीत video
Pic at the end of the Somebody music video
Can आप see me?
Cause I'm right here.
Can आप listen?
Cause I've been tryin' to make आप notice
what it would mean to me
to feel like Somebody!
We've been on our way to nowhere
tried so hard to get there
And I say

Oh! We're gonna let it show!
We're gonna just let go of everything holdin' back our dreams!
And try to make it come alive!
Come on let it shine so they can see
we where meant to be
Somebody! (Somebody)
Somebody! Yeah! (Somebody)

I'm so tired
of bein' invisable (invisable)
But I feel it,yeah
like a आग below the surface
tryin' to set me free
burnin' inside of me (inside...
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