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he is the hottest teenager.i प्यार his hair.i wish i can touch it.i will be posting some quizs to see if आप are mrs.rosslynch like me.i प्यार him as much as i प्यार justin bieber.i प्यार his vouice and cheeks.and have आप seen hime shirtless in austin and ally.sooooooo CCCUUTTE.i want to किस प्यार प्यार प्यार प्यार hot hot hot hot cute cute cute cute cute cute ohh ohhh mymy god baby let me प्यार downn there so many ways to प्यार आप i प्यार आप like oh my ross im so in प्यार i want to किस you.i i i i i प्यार प्यार प्यार प्यार प्यार u u u u .i did it agvain so im goin let the beat gon.there so many ways to प्यार i am so in live i find आप find me.