फिल्में [Round 12 - L] Favourite Actor starting with... [Contest]

Mongoose09 posted on Feb 20, 2011 at 10:42PM
**UPDATE**: Sorry that this has taken so long to update, I sort of forgot about it and I was very busy. Hope you understand if you took part in this contest beforehand! :)

It's really simple, all you have to do is post your favourite actor beginning with the letter of the round.

*Round 10 - J*
Person 1: Johnny Depp
Person 2: Jude Law

- One actor nomination for each person, has to be male
- 3 days to nominate your favourite actor (or more, depending on how many people participate) then I will do a pick question where others can vote for their favourite (pick question will be up for roughly 3-7 days) - winner will recieve 3 props, 2nd will recieve 2 and 3rd will recieve 1.

Winners List
link [A] : Alan Rickman [Everybodylies94]
link [B] : Bradley Cooper [Mongoose09]
link [C] : Colin Firth [BeautifulN]
link [D] : Dustin Hoffman [jlhfan624]
link [E] : Ewan McGregor [BeautifulN]
link [F] : Freddie Prinze, Jr. [Mongoose09]
link [G] : Gary Oldman [Anichu90v2]
link [H] : Heath Ledger [valleyer]
link [I] : Ian McKellen [EllaBlack]
link [J] : Johnny Depp [Kraucik83]
link [K] : Keanu Reeves [BeautifulN]

Round 12 [L] - Nominate!

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