Who will make my list?
This is my first लेख on this club so I hope आप guys like it. Please टिप्पणी दे on my लेख I प्यार पढ़ना टिप्पणियाँ and I respond to them quite quickly. However, please do not insult me या any one with your comments. Now lets begin.

Audrey Hepburn
This girl is iconic! I think is so beautiful and she sings. She aged quite well as well, but its a shame she died in her 60's. A lot people compare her to Elizabeth Taylor, but I think there is no comparison. To me Audrey is so much prettier! I प्यार how she speaks as well. Such memorable कोट्स from her.
The iconic beauty

Carla Borelli
I saw her in the Wild Wild West, an old 1960's Tv series. She played as the Aztec Sun Goddess and she is just breathtaking. My dad कहा she is the prettiest girl on the दिखाना and my dad is very picky. Plus this दिखाना has lots of pretty ladies.
The Sun Goddess

Spohie Marceau
She was in Braveheart and when I was little I thought she was so pretty. In fact I only watched parts of the movie that she was in. Apparently, she is also in a James Bond movie and आप know the Bond girls are almost always attractive.
The French Beauty

Emilia Clarke
I think she is out of this world gorgeous. I प्यार her in Game of Thrones. She is just so stunning as a blonde and a brunette. I can't wait to see what other फिल्में and the like she will be a part of. She also seems like such a sweet girl with an angelic face and voice. I have such a girl crush on her!
The Most Desirable Women 2014 (Askmen.com)

Lana Del Rey
I adore her and her music. She is just so classy, but fun and wild at the same time. I प्यार her संगीत and her style. She is going places and I'm so happy she is getting the attention and success she deserves.
The 1960/1970's Inspired Beauty

Jessica Alba
She is so pretty. I just wish her would get better movies. She was great in Dark Angel, but other than that there hasn't been very many फिल्में where she shows promising talent. in Dark Angel, she is only 19 when she first started the show. Its a good series especially the first season. Did आप know she's from Pomona, California. She looks kinda Filipino, but I'm not sure if she is.
The Dark एंजल

Charlie Theron
She is so beautiful! She also a great actress she has won an Oscar and was nominated for another.She has beautiful green eyes and such a nice complexion.
The South African Beauty

Jung So Min
She is a Korean actress from one of my प्रिय Korean dramas based on a really good ऐनीमे called Itazura na Kiss. Also, apparently she has not has plastic surgery and is often envied द्वारा other Korean girls because she naturally has double eyelids.
The Korean Beauty

Ayase Haruka
I saw her in a really sad Japanese drama called Crying Out प्यार in the Center of the World. Its a great drama, but a real tear-jeaker. She is so pretty though and is quite a good actress
The Japanese Beauty

Halle Berry
She is a stunner! She looks great with her hair long, short, pixie cute, and practically anything. She is just so beautiful and quite an actress. She won an Oscar.
The Mixed Beauty