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 monster high drop out
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monster high get in custums to hide from the humans when i walked in lawdeen PINK! lagoona WHITE beards and mushches glasses and wigs wut are those monster highs urning into! they seem diff every picture!
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Meet frankie Stein :)
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हे it's Lala again! Shall we continue? So I met Clawd that night in the gym I was wearing a lovely dress with yellow buttons and गुलाबी and black tends it's was lovely I swear ok,so I met him in the gym and I कहा "Hi" he anwsered back द्वारा saying "Hey so is your ok with आप meeting me?" Clawd asked "Ummm yea" I कहा "Ok hope आप don't mind this" my frowen just turned upside down ! :( to :) he kissed me! But what we didn't know is that spectra got a picture of us चुंबन and put "The new two lovebirds in Monster High!" Clawdeen found out about it and was really angry as angry as a भेड़िया without...
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