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posted by Invaderskull95
It was near the अगला class before lunch,and द्वारा that time,Purrsephone,Luke,Clawd,and Draculaura had already gotten plenty of signatures for her petition to make the Monster High Pool Clothing Optional,even Frankie and her फ्रेंड्स had joined in.

"Make the pool clothing optional? Lagoona asked,"Gil and I are comfortable in our own scales,sign us up".Lagoona कहा as she signed her name,Gil followed suit."I've always wondered what it'd be like to skinny dip". Gil said.

"Thanks आप guys,and if any of आप are interested,Lukes folks run the New Salem Nudist restort",Purrsephone informed."Count me in,I've been wondering what nude sunbathing felt like",Frankie कहा as she signed her name.

"Welcome aboard Frankie".Luke said.

"Count me in,Au natural या bust",Toralei कहा as she signed her name,"For once Toralei,you lead the way" Cleo कहा excitedly.

The signatures just kept on coming,Ghoulia joined in,and so did her boyfriend Slow-moe,then came Scarah and Invisibilly,Manny and Iris,Jane Boolittle,Heath and Abby,Gory Fangtell and Bram Devein,Gigi Grant,Romulus,Rochelle,Robecca,Operetta,Jackson Jekyll and his alter ego Holt Hyde,Spectra,even Venus Mcflytrap wanted in.Heck the whole student disembody joined in,even Mr.Where signed his name,all except for Meowlody,who was only standing at her locker,watching in disgust,never had she expected this,not only was her sister doing something without her,but she was succeading.

"I cant believe all of you,wanting to run around butt naked,even आप Toralei?" the white-haired werecat asked angerly.

"Well आप only unlive once right"? The नारंगी, ऑरेंज werecat asked.

"Yeah,when i was a younger a couple thousand years back,i used to skinny dip,in the nile while my family went to bed".Cleo admited,a few people looked at her,even Duece had joined in after signing his name."What? our kingdom was in the middle of a desert and jungle,one had to cool off somehow",the young mummy informed.

"I can vouch for that",said a reptile ghoul.

"What's your problem Meowlody? आप never complained when Purrsephone started going barefoot and encouraging others to do it"Luke pointed out.

Meowlody stared down at her barefeet"Well,I do admit,it is comfy,haha,But that's not the point Luke,ever since आप got here,things havent been the same".she said.

"Well,maybe Luke is opening our minds Meowlody,isnt that what Monster High is about,to open to eachother,and keep an open mind?"Purrsephone stated.

"Um,well,Grr,I dont have time to deal with this,I need to get to class,and I'd never thought i'd say this,but I suggest आप all do the same,Meowlody stated as she walked to her अगला class after getting her book.Purrsephone didnt know what to think,ever since she started dating Luke when he first came to MH she wanted to try new things,and yet her sister was giving her heck for it,but for what reason?,suddenly,she felt a soothing hand from Lagoona on her shoulder.

"She'll cool down mate,just give her time" The saltwater ghoul कहा assuringly.

Purrsephone smiled at Lagoons kind words,as soon school was over,Purrsephone and Luke went to Bloodgoods office as fast as they could,and once The Headmistress got a good look at how much signatures the petition got,she smiled warmly and proudly.

"Well,congratulations आप two,the Monster High Pool just might become Clothing Optional द्वारा noon tomarrow".

"Thank आप Headmistress".Purrsephone कहा as she smiled with hope,when she got घर later after spending an घंटा at the resort,Purrsephone just couldnt contain her excitment,she stripped off her clothes and meowed and screeched happily.

"Wow,what's all the commotion dear?" Her mother asked.

"They're gonna make the Monster High pool clothing optional mom,all thanks to a petition Luke and I started".Purrsephone stated happily."Well,that does sound like a good reason to celebrate".Purrsephones dad inquired,and with that,both parents decided to शामिल होइए in their daughters idea of freedom,and help get रात का खाना started,much to the dismay of Meowlody,who was trying to keep her खाना down at the sight of her sister and folks in their birthday suits.
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Spectra and Abbey गाना "Last Christmas".
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 me, kim reaper
me, kim reaper
Oh my ghoul!
New school!
And to चोटी, शीर्ष it all off I have to pose as a normie!
Double Oh My Ghoul!

So my name's Kim Reaper I'm 16, and the daughter of the grim reaper. I have two besties: Selena Taur and Bunnia Yip; Daughter of the Centaur and Daughter of the Bunyip. Yeah so we're a fearsome trio and we do everything together! Ok that intro seemed rushed, but I am rushed! School starts today!

Monday the 8th of May
I'm freaking out! Dressed in my goth-chic outfit with one फीता दस्ताना, दस्ताने on my left hand, I look like I'll fit in. But then आप see the गुलाबी vampire girl talking to a werewolf chic. I stare at...
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