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Cool Song xD
Fandom: Code Lyoko
Characters: Ulrich Stern and Odd Della Robbia

It was afternoon at the Kadic and Odd walked into the boys restroom and met Ulrich peeing into the urinal.

"Hey Odd" कहा Ulrich.

"Hi Ulrich" कहा Odd and stand अगला to him and opened his zip of the pants, pulled his जांघिया and started to pee into another urinal. "How's going?"

"I'm okay, just I had a little argument with Yumi" कहा Ulrich.

"Oh did आप get jealous about William again?" asked Odd.

"Well yes"

"And what happened?"

"I box him into his eye"

"Go on"

"Yumi saw that and argued with me"


"She walked away with him. I think...
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