GreenKero/Elle:Finally the अगला chapter arrives
Me:-.- line stealer
Ella:well mmmmmmm BLEHHHHHHHH
Me:wow seriously -.-
Ella:yah seriously Meh o.o
Me:On with the story i say!!!!! XD
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Miyako's Pov

"Oh Great" my subconscious echoed
-.- stupid subconscious why does it talk to me, people will think i have problems

"Hey" the mysterious voice कहा well mischievously
(A/N:story XD i had writers block so cry 4 दिन wait)

"Go die in a well" I murmured i was really feed up with this dude -.-

"Aw come on Bubbles, आप know don't really feel that way...." he कहा full of bitterness

"Ummm Bubbles, seriously what kind of pet name is that?"I कहा questioningly worried for my secret identity

His sea blue eyes had a glint of suspicion

I was so glad i took अभिनय classes as an extra curricular now........

wait hold it sea blue eyes and sunny blonde hair besides Tacka-chan i only know one person.....
Me: hehe that's what आप get line stealer
Ella: O.O why........
Me:-.- dont act all inocent
Ella:Die in a dark abiss of pudding-.-
Me:please review
Rolling Bubbles
Little Miyako-chan