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heart-of_love posted on Mar 24, 2019 at 01:12AM
Years have passed since Ladybug and Chat Noir have been the saviors of Paris, they have been long since forgotten. But someone has taken up the post Hawkmoth has left behind, and new Hero's must rise up to save Paris, Only this time, it's not the famous Ladybug, Chair Noir duo.

can you do it?

Superhero name:
Superhero appearance:
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·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Name: Liam Villines
Nicknames: Lee (As it is a play on words to the first 2 letters of his name.)
Age: 17
Personality: TBR
Occupation: High School Student at Françoise Dupont High School.
Family: Older sister, Marie Villines. Mother: Luna Villines.
Crush: Unknown
Superhero name: Dark Phoenix
Miraculous: A byzantine chain that he keeps around his neck with a Phoenix feather on it.
Kwami: Zinny
Powers: Like a Phoenix, he is able to soar with his wings, as well as being able to control and manipulate the element of fire. His special ability, which is only able to be used once per transformation, is called rebirth. Which can allow him to reverse time and heal/restore an item or person back to the way they were before being broken or hurt.
Bio: TBR
 Name: Liam Villines Nicknames: Lee (As it is a play on words to the first 2 letters of his name.)
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Name: Katelyn Anderson
Nicknames: Kat, Kitty, Lynn
Appearance: Picture
Age: 16
Personality: Tsundere (Type B) *i'm still not too good with describing characters personalities...*
Occupation: High School Student at Françoise Dupont High School. works part time at her grandmothers flower shop.
Family: Her Grandmother
Crush: None Atm
Superhero name: Loup blanc (means white wolf)
Superhero appearance: picture
Miraculous: Ring of the Wolf Miraculous
Kwami: Briar
Powers: incredible powers of speed, endurance, and strength. Enchanced hearing and smell. her Chosen weapons is a whip. her special ability, which is only able to be used once per transformation, is called Slash, which allows her to cut through any substance no matter how thick it is.
Bio: TBR
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 Name: Katelyn Anderson Nicknames: Kat, Kitty, Lynn Appearance: Picture Age: 16 Personality: Ts
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Briar, the ring and her Superhero form
 Briar, the ring and her Superhero form
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
(Lol, it's fine. Ready to roll?)
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
(Ready when you are, it's been so long since i was last in the roleplay scene, lets hope we do well)
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
(We'll be fine.)
*Morning, at the Dupont High School, Liam was at his seat writing down some information*
Liam: Right... So that's where it's gonna be?
???: You're gonna love this place, trust me.
Liam: I will until the place says otherwise.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
(yea true)
" i'm going to be late again!!"
Kat burst from the flower shop apartment combo that her grandmother owned, struggling to get the backpack onto her back while she ran to Françoise Dupont High School. She had been up late the night before studying different types of flowers and how to care for them and now she was going to be late to school, once again this week.

Kat raced through the front doors of the school, up the stairs and into the classroom, the only downside was the fact as soon as she stepped through the door she tripped and crashed into the classroom floor.
"am i late?" She panted, lifting her head off the floor and smiling at her classmates.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
???: There goes Kat again.... She's lucky that she just made it.
Liam: Bryce, take it easy on the girl.... She's probably got a good reason.
Bryce: There you go again Lee, always trying to be easy on everyone....
Liam: I mean, if she didn't... Then why even bother?
Bryce: I guess you're right....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
"you just barely made it Lynn" Kat's best friend, Lucy called out, causing Kat to stick her tongue out at her friend, for using one of her many nicknames. She quickly hopped to her feet and brushed out her purple and black skirt, before walking up to her desk, which was situated right behind Liam and Bryce.
"So why were you late today?" Lucy teased as Kat sat down.

Kat fumbled for words before sighing in defeat. "I was studying flower types again last night and was up too late."
Lucy shook her head before looking at the boys in front of her "can you believe this girl? stays up all night to study flowers but can't pass a math quiz."
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·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Come on Kat, I know you're gonna take over the shop eventually. But even she still wants you to at least graduate. You could take a lesson or 2 out of Liam's book.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
"Don't compare me to Liam just because he get's A's on every assignment" Kat crossed her arms over her chest and pouted at Bryce.
Lucy laughed "come on Kat, we all know you like Liam"
Kat fumbled for words once again before spitting out "only as a friend"
Lucy laughed again and looked at Liam to see what he had to say
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: I wasn't trying to compare you... Only trying to say-
Liam: If you need help studying, then just let me know. I don't mind helping out.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
(i'm thinking we start this without the Kwami's then obtain them later)

Kat smiled "okay, thanks. I'll let you know"

The bell rang and a few lingering students rushed into the room, a few moments later the teacher walked in to begin the lesson, Not even three minutes later, Kat had her head resting on the table, her pretty cotton candy hair laying around her as she quietly napped. Lucy rolled her eyes and started to take more detailed notes on the lesson, so Kat could use them later on when she woke up.
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·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
(Ya know, I was thinking that for Liam at first, and actually, I'd be happy to roll with that.)
Bryce: There she goes. *He'd silently say, as Liam was taking notes and observing the lesson*
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
(sounds like a plan)
Class soon ended and Lucy dropped her backpack on the desk. Hard. Startling Kat and causing her to crash to the floor.
"is the floor your new best friend?" Lucy teased, helping Kat up.
"I fell asleep again didn't i?" Kat complained, picking up her backpack.
"yep, it's a good thing you don't snore" Lucy laughed, throwing her bag onto her shoulder before looking at the boys.
"wanna walk with us to the next class?" Kat asked, also pulling her bag onto her back.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Actually, I've got to meet someone before class.... But Liam would be happy to.
Liam: B-Bryce... *He'd blush*
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy laughed and decided to tease bryce. "oh? does someone have a secret girlfriend?"

Kat rolled her eyes and started walking to the front of the classroom, when suddenly she tripped again and crashed face first into the teachers desk, only this time..it wasn't her fault she tripped.
"Ha! Sorry Kat, my legs are so long, they must have gotten into your path."
Kat turned and glared at the person who tripped her. Stacy. the girl who only seemed to hate Kat, and only Kat.
"it's okay Stacy" Kat forced a smile "i didn't look where i was going. I hope i didn't hurt you."
Kat got up and left, not seeing the look of rage on Stacy's face.
Lucy smiled " and Kat strikes again"
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Liam: ......
Bryce: *He headed out of the classroom*
Liam: *He gathered his things in his bag and passed by Stacy, and began to follow Kat*
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Kat was sitting on the stairs, rubbing at her forehead. She never understood why Stacy didn't like her. They were friends in middle school, but as soon as they hit high school, Stacy was always bullying Kat, like Kat had done something wrong.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: *Before he headed to his destination, he doubled back to Stacy* Stace.... Why do you hate her so much? I'm not sure I quite understand..

Liam: Kat, do you need to go to the nurse or anything?
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Stacy glared at Bryce. "why should i tell you? It's none of your business why i don't like her. "

Kat looked up at Liam and smiled. "i'm fine, I'm danger prone so my body know how to take a beating, I've had worse then just a bump on the head. Don't worry."
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Well she is a friend of mine, so it is my business.

Liam: ..... Look.... I uh.... I don't know why she's acting like that.... It's.... Strange....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Stacy stood up and smirked at Bryce" well too bad, because i'm not telling you"

Kat stretched and looked down at her feet " it's not really a big problem, she's been acting like this since we started high school, she's gotten a bit more public with her bullying as of late."
Kat looked back up at Liam. "but it dosent bother me, as soon as she figures that out she'll leave me alone."
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Does it have anything to do with Liam? I mean, you did kind of start acting different when he transferred here... If you like him, it's no reason to go after Kat for...

Liam: She's insecure about something...... That's why she does it..
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·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Stacy turned red, but it wasn't easy to tell if it was anger or embarrassment. "just go away Bryce! arent you supposed to go meet somebody? The bells going to ring soon so go away."

Kat stood up and turned to Liam "Honestly i don't really care Liam. Sure she's being a evil witch, but there no point in wondering why she bullies me. How about this. if she continues and it gets worse. I'll talk to her about it."
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: *He walked to the door* If that is indeed the case.... You're only gonna put more attention on Kat with what you're doing to her... You'll figure it out soon enough..... *He walked away and headed for his pre-bell destination*

Liam: It works for me, I just don't want to see you be hurt ya know.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Kat couldn't help but smile once again. "thanks for worrying about me Liam. Now come on the bells going to ring soon and we gotta get to science before it does...that teacher is more then just scary" she started back up the stairs to the science room.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Liam: Yeah, if we're late we may even get pop quizzed. on top of an unprepared test.... Well, they won't be prepared....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Kat groaned in annoyance "i'm never ready for a test.. they are the bane of my existence."
They stepped into the classroom and Kat sat down at her desk, which, as before was right behind Liam and Bryce's desk.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Well, looks like you guys made it in time...
Liam: Yeah, so we did.. So, you met up with her before you came here?
Bryce: The visit was cut a bit short this time...
Liam: Worry not, you'll see her at the end of the day... She'll be waiting for you at your usual spot.
Bryce: Yeah, isn't she the greatest?
Liam: Apparently, and you haven't even asked her out... Make a move before someone else does....
Bryce: But what if she only values our friendship? I don't want this move to be for nothing...
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy leaned over her desk "oh? do we know her?"
Kat grabbed the back of Lucy's shirt and pulled her back into her seat, before returning to doodling on the outside of her notebook.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: ....... It's..... Not of much concern as to who..... Look, it's possible that she likes someone else anyway... Besides, the girls here are way to good to be with a guy like me..
Liam: What makes you say that?
Bryce: Why else? The same reason I'm surprised you're even friends with me. Look Liam.... Unlike you, I don't have much of a future... I'm gonna be stuck at the same dead end I've been stuck at...
Liam: *Sigh* Look Bryce, for someone who doesn't have much of a future. You've never been suspended or expelled.. You've gotten in a couple of fights sure, but that was only for interference. At least, that's what it seems like to me...
Bryce: But look at you, you're incredibly smart. You'll become CEO of some big company somewhere and I'll... Be more of an underling....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Kat sighed sadly " at least you'll be able to leave Paris, I'm never going to leave this city."
Lucy glanced at her friend, and smiled. "yea yea, because that flower shop has been in your family for generations. Each family member before you has lived in that very building , blah, blah blah."
Kat elbowed Lucy sharply and they both giggled.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: So, Liam.... There's gotta be a girl you like.... Especially since you've transferred here.
Liam: That's none of your business Bryce.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
"yea Bryce" Lucy jabbed " if you wont tell him, he wont tell you."
it was obvious Lucy wanted to know, but Kat was more interested in her drawings of flowers and superheros.
The teacher chose this time to walk in and glance around the room sharply.
"today we will be playing with dangerous chemicals..so hair will be pulled back and lab coats will be worn. If you are wearing open toe shoes or a skirt... GET OUT"
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Liam: *Sigh* I think we're all accounted for, our hair too short to be tied..
Bryce: Yeah, I'm fine....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy was pulling her long black hair into a ponytail "see you after class Kat."
Kat got up and grabbed her bag. "see you guys after class."

Kat and two other students got up and left the room, due to the fact kat was wearing a skirt, and the other two were wearing sandals.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: You both ready for this?
Liam: Heh, sure.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
(i'm going to give Kat her Miraculous now, your going to find a time to give Liam his)

Lucy sighed in annoyance" i just find it unfair that Kat won't get credit for this and can't make it up"
the teacher scanned the room one more time, then started handing out gloves, lab coats, and the chemicals they were going to use.

Kat had decided to leave the school building, with permission of course from the principal. She was sitting on the outside steps when she saw a little old lady trip and fall on her face. Kat hurried down the steps and helped her up.
"thank you" the little old lady smiled
"your welcome." Kat smiled back, watching her hobble off. When Kat returned to her bag, she noticed a small little box sitting ontop. She looked around to see if anyone had left it for her, but no one was in sight except for the little old lady she had just helped. Kat put the box in her backpack and sat back down on the steps, she would open the box in the safety of her home..who knows what it is and she dosent want to loose it if it's small.

·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Liam: It does suck....
Bryce: But for now, we have to focus on what we can do for us.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy sighed " like make sure we pass this lab? you guys are lucky..Kat's supposed to be my partner, so it looks like i'll be doing this alone"
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Don't worry Lucy, you've got this under control.
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
with a big sigh lucy got to work, and sooner then expected class was over.
"lets go find Kat! then we can decide on whats for lunch." Lucy exclaimed, tossing her lab coat onto the pile on the teachers desk
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
*The 2 put their lab coats into the pile*
Bryce: Well, why don't you call her? It'll be easier to find her then.
Liam: That's not a bad idea..
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy smiled and stuck her tongue out at Bryce "i forgot my phone at home, so i can't call her, besides knowing that klutz she forgot her phone as well"
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: *Sigh* How do we know she didn't decide to go home early?
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy rolled her eyes " you should know by her favorite class of the day is PE and that's not until after lunch. She wouldn't miss it unless something bad has happened"

Kat raced back into the school and popped her head into the classroom door. "all done?" she asked.
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Bryce: Yeah.... It was about the usual....
Liam: Well, at least you're here.... It's time for lunch.....
Bryce: Actually, I got to go see my person again... I need to talk to her and get some understanding....
·4महीने पहले heart-of_love said…
Lucy leaned back with a yawn. "oh well, guess it can't be helped. Bryce is whooped"
Kat burst into laughter as soon as the words left Lucys mouth
·4महीने पहले TheAdventGhost said…
Liam: Well, he's in his own world..... Which reminds me, there's a restaurant I have to check out before I go home today...