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 prodigy gets twerked on (pic #2)
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even और mad when i saw dis crap
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this was so awsome!!!!!!!!!!
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रे रे
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ok I'm bak I'm on NY phone doing this n ill try n put some लिंक्स

the अगला day
me-*wakes up on चोटी, शीर्ष of prince*
prince-*wakes up*well we getting freaky n da morning
me-*rolls off of him*in ur dreams
bree-wake y'all asses up now
eb-*walks down stairs*wat nigglet
bree-wat eve n we going out 4 breakfast now get ya asses dresse
us-yes mommy

eb gets dressed yea n I can't really do a link so sorry

at ihop
jacob-man u know we got to go on tour soon
boys-yea we have to go
roc-n 3 days
tracy-no I can't live with out my baby*hugs doggy tight*
diggy-ik I'm but I have to go I'm soo sorry
me-uhh umm*gets...
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Alana's thoughts:
Well रे and Roc left the band. Ima miss them. I wonder if Janae ever told Tori she kissed Roc. Welp none of my concern. But back to रे and Roc everyone is all ईमो cause they left. But Myles he seems happy. But anyway gotta go PEACE

Alexis' Thoughts:
Seems like the end of Mindless Behavior. They were a pretty good group. I think रे and Roc are coming back. They probably planned all of it. Prince called me stupid for saying that. Ohhh and guess what PRINCETON IS MY COUISIN. Mmm Ewwwwwwlk he ugly. Ight ima go now PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT!!!

Miss Babydoll's Thoughts:
Can't believe Ray...
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posted by markia_perez
so then afther रे and my parent`s caught us in बिस्तर .ray was like "or yall going to get in trouble".then my parent`s कहा that princeton get ur नितंब, गधा out of my daughter bed.then princeton कहा no because i प्यार her.so my parent`s कहा but u are too young to प्यार each other.so that is when i कहा ma we are 16 year`s old that is not young.so meanwhile princeton got out of my बिस्तर .and my parent`s still dind`t me to see princeton anymore.and so the अगला दिन me and my friend`s went back to the basket ball court.and princeton,roc,andprod,also रे was there so princeton keep on staring at me and he...
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posted by 143princeperez
NADIA_OMG- thats was some good chinesase food
Prodigy- ehhh. i think we should have went to some where that has chicken fingers.
NADIA_OMG-ahhhaaa of course आप would!
Diamond- so yall got any shows today?
Ray- yeahh. Atlanta.
Roc- and its gonna be hard for us this time to bring other girls on stage, आप know now that we have girlfriends...
Breea- yeahh. imma try my hardest to stay calm tho..
Prince- guys, i just thought of something
Prodigy- waht??
Prince- if our प्रशंसकों found out we are dating.. and ALL of us are taken.. wowww.
Ray- Ray- oh nawww man...
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posted by lilmsroyal
in the kitchin

roc:bree can i ask u sum
breezy:sure roc
roc:i like u alot and i want u 2 be my gurl
breezy: yes i would[ runs and hugs roc]
roc: [picks her up and spins her around]
रे walks in
ray:well look at u 2
ray:well exuse me
breezy:u r exused

they walk in the living room
cat: man im sleepy
prince:come on

he pulls her up stairs in their room
cat:wat r u doin
prince:i प्यार u
cat:i luv u 2
prince:well be wit me
cat:id luve 2
they किस and go 2 sleep

back down stairs

see wat happens next