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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
 Chris new recruit
Chris new recruit
Jessica POV
I woke up and I was in my room with Chris ..

Chris: come on we're going to the park
Me: -got up and got in the car-

// In the Car //

Chris: why didn't आप clean the bathroom like I told you
Me: because I didn't get around to it
Chris: -looked at me- when we get to this park आप better not embarrass me
Me: okay!
Chris: -grabbed my arm tightly pulling me towards him-
Who are आप getting loud with little girl I'll beat yo ass!
Me: let me go!
Chris: -pushes me back in my seat-
Look at आप .. आप look like a damn whore
Me: -didn't respond-

// Park //

Me: -sitting on the bench-
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We went back to sleep afterwards that incident so let's get आप caught up
The cops came and arrested the man who tried to rape Jennifer
Caught up yet? Okay good

// The अगला दिन //
Me: I woke up and no one was घर but my cousin Jaden who happens to be 15 so I got up and had some पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा
Jaden: हे Jen wassup
Me: हे nothin just eating पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा
Jaden: Jennifer I can आप pick me up some coffee cream
Me: yeah be back in 15 minutes
Jaden: okay thank u
Me: welcome
- Jennifer leaves-

Jaden POV
So I was dancing to bandz maker dance and then I heard clapping so I figured it was Jennifer
Me: -turns around-...
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posted by Nicole010702
A moment of silence happens

Nicole:roc did आप hear me
Roc:yeah I'm ....I'm just shocked
Nicole:look I'm sorry it .... It was an accident
Roc:look Nikki there's no reason to apologize
Nicole:yes it is
Roc:no it isn't if आप didn't want a baby द्वारा me than I understand bye Nicole
Nicole:but roc
Roc:bye Nicole

As Nicole walked out the door roc came out the room behind her

roc: look Nicole आप know I'm upset but if you're happy than I'm happy

Nicole walks up to roc and kisses him on the cheek as soon as Nicole went in her room prince came in 10min later

prince: हे babe I brought your stuff
Nicole: thanks...
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-Episode "Actions and Words" *Content contains Explicit Language* *LAST EPISODE OF THIS SEASON*-

Shannon: Hi.
Taylee: (She turned around quickly and backed away then mean-mugged her)
Shan: I deserve a greeting. I let आप on a wild chase, didn't I? (She Laughed) I don't understand why this isn't easy for you! Rayan doesn't want you.
Tay: He doesn't want your चूहा looking नितंब, गधा either! (She punched Shan in the nose)
Shan: Shit! आप broke my nose! (Blood started coming out)
Tay: (She attempted kicking her but Shan caught her leg then made her fall)
Shan: (She kicked her in the gut)
Tay: (Was covering her...
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posted by prettygirlny
So we left off at AND............

Mo: ~Jumps out of the limo and jacks Prince's butt up .~
//Mo is throwing punches and stomping Prince into the ground .

Ray: Dang girl ( Looking at Mo jack Prince up !)

// Ray's POV

Dang Mo can fight !!! Awwww she would jack someone up fo me ,that's so sweet and sexy !!!!

Mo:(Finished up the job with a upper cut to Prince's jaw . )
Jenna: (In the limo cheering .)GO MO GO BEAT HIM UP FOR ME AND YOUR MAN !!!!!!!
Everyone: Looks at Jenna and shakes their heads .

//Jenna's POV
They don't know what happened between me and Princeton !!

Jenna:(Looks at them and turns...
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posted by prettygirlny
KK we left off when Shay found out that she was preggers

Jenna: Omg .....hold up who da baby daddy???
Shay: the fuck u mean nigglet ROC duhhh
Jenna: Well just checking
Roc: hold up.......Let me see dat test (looks at it and starts laugh) its upside down
Everyone, but roc and shay: ha ha ha dumbass
Shay:fuck all suck roc fat dick
Jenna, Mo, Vanessa: I would प्यार 2
Ray, Prince, Prob :say what now
Jenna: what
Prince: come I gots to talk to u (drags her to the back)

In the back room
Jenna: what is it I was about to suck something
Prince: oh u will mine
Jenna: mmmm than get over here

Cut!!!!! Sorry its so short.........
 Jenna's outfit
Jenna's outfit
 Mo's outfit
Mo's outfit
 Shay's outfit
Shay's outfit
 Vanessa's outfit
Vanessa's outfit
posted by MBsuperfan
Ok u know were I left off रे was talkin truth या dare AFFAIR?

Evorybody: Wats truth या dare affair???

Ray: Its like dirty truth या dare yall down 4 dat?

Everyboy: Yeahh

Everybody walks bk to the boys dorm
5 mins ltr.........

Ray: ok everybody sit down

Ray: so imma go first cuzz yall dnt knw how to play

Ray:Zarae I dare u to twerk...naked

Zarae: now I see y u wanted me to play ok

Zarae has to take all her clothes off

Rays pov
Dam she got a damn sexy body n a pretty (u knw wat)

Ray: Zarae

Zarae: what


Zarae twerked for 5 mins to Kstylis booty me

Ray had a boner his dick was as hrd as r rock...
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ok so heres a sample of the story im लेखन for wattpad:
Marias POV
Ive been waiting on Chre to come down for yearsssss now.He my brother my very concieted brother I understand its the first दिन of school but if my नितंब, गधा can come down on time so can he i mean dude your cute but come on now. I waited for about 5 और मिनटों before i was about to get up and drag his नितंब, गधा down here when my dad came in the door with a bottle in his hand
"hey baby girl" he कहा with slurred words
"hey dad" i कहा non chalantly
"come on ihaven't seen आप in a g-good little while girve your daddy a kiss" he कहा as...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
(You woke up to the sound of Drake's The Motto. आप finally get enough energy to sit up. आप look around the room and आप noticed the lights are dim. आप see a small glass तालिका, टेबल in front of you. It has 2 seats with candles and a vase of गुलाब in middle. आप look अगला to आप and आप see a huge teddy भालू holding a big bag of candy. अगला to आप आप see a buch या rose petals formed in the shape of a heart. The rose petals trail off the बिस्तर to the door. आप see रे standing there holding a large wide plate of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, strawberries, chocolate, and नारंगी, ऑरेंज juice.)

Ray: हे babe...
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posted by TtRr
KK so let's start right were we left off
???: And whoever told u wasn't lyingtalk
Violet: who कहा th-( turns around to see roc royal standing in the doorway)
Violet: Oh u do realize this is the girls bathroom
Roc: yes I just went to look for u and when i walked pasted the bathroom I heard u talkin about me ( pops his coolar )
Violet: I gotta go any way ( on her way out the door )
Jenet: we're u going
Violet: to find my तारीख, दिनांक
Jenet: Oh that nugget I still don't no y u कहा yes
Violet: Cause he's really nice and cute
Roc : Oh yea I been meaning to ask u about that who is he exactly
Violet: his...
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(Brittney and Prodigy are at the doctor's office for Brit's check up on the baby)

Doctor: hi how are yall doing

Brit: good

Doctor: and the wittle baby

Brit: she's fine I hope

Doocto: well we'll run a few tests to make sure everything is alright. I'll be back

45 मिनटों later

Doctor: ok so everything is going great she's breathing good her vitals are healthy and आप are healthy also

Brit: that's great did आप hear that babe

Prod: yeah

Doctor: so I just need to get some information correct आप are the...
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आप chose to eat first before आप stuff your face. So आप resumed on making your taco.
Scenario 7: Prod comes over to the तालिका, टेबल with आप so he could fix him a taco. Can आप guess what type of meat he's gonna fill his टैको, taco with? teehee आप guessed it silly goose. Anywayz as आप finished preparing your taco, roc comes over and wants to get a soda from the kooler which is between your legs. Well actuallly, the कूलर is UNDERNEATH the table, but your standing in FRONT of it. So roc basically grabs your waist in which he scared आप while he gently moved आप from the कूलर to the other side ofthe...
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posted by Butterfly555
 Gigi's Siblings
Gigi's Siblings
Craig(Prod a.k.a Daddy):18
Gigi(Bonnie Your Choice):18
Goo Goo(Your choice):17
Tootie(Your choice):18
Aaliyah(Your choice):17
Gigi's 4 siblings:Reese(8),Jojo(10),Cj(11),Domani(4)

17 साल old Gigi is a girl thug who's ma and pops died and got left behind with her 4 siblings when 4 साल old Domani was born ma and pops died some say it's hard to raise 4 kids when your still a teen या in Gigi's case 17 but Gigi seems to raise them in her own way people might say the reason why that Gigi pays for her family is only because she goes...
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