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आप are at the dance studio today with Princeton watching him practice for the tour. Every time आप come with him आप always get amazed at how incredible he dances. He can easily हटाइए his feet to every beat of the music. आप on the other hand was not such a great dancer. I mean आप had skills but nothing compared to Princeton. He would always ask आप to get up and dance with him but आप always turned him down because आप knew आप couldn't level up to his dance skills so आप felt आप would be embarrassed. Now matter how many time Prince pouted his lips out आप never agreed to dance for him.

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Ayoo' I'm back on hurr I missed y'all फैन्पॉप fam प्यार yall hope y'all enjoy tried picking up tips from TeamOMGgirlz but yeah lemme start writing.

It was like the most boring lamest deadest nights of my life I'm just sitting here single alone and watching movies....

Me:ugh like wtf I'm bored as hell maybe I should have a sleep over with my big kid ass

OK lemme get this straight I'm 21
Shanae या Nae is 22
Giana या Gi is 21
And Mercedes या Cedes is 23

Me:-calls Mercedes-
Cedes:Hello what's good
Me:ghetto fabulous नितंब, गधा come over here I'm having a sleep over
Cedes:ohh turn tf up
Me:just get yo नितंब, गधा over here...
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Okay so in the last episode,y'all were driving to the hospital
(Nobody's POV)
Doctor:Well,everything seems to be okay with his leg,he just bruised it a little
YN:Okay,Prince.Calm down,sweetie*pulls him into a hug and plays with his afro*
Prince:*puppy eyes*but it hurt and he said*GCO*
Yn:Shhhhh I know
Prod:*gets jealous*
Ray:Psshh you're treating him like a baby!
Yn:Well, Prince is the youngest
Roc:No,I am.
Yn:Well,mentally he is
Ray:So he's retarded?
Prod:Guys,just leave them alone.
Yn:Thank you,Prodigy.
Prod:*smiles*You're welco*GCO*
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